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Another adventure game from Pendulo Studios, a Spanish company which gave us the highly popular Runaway series. Yesterday has a much darker story than those from the studio’s previous games. It involves a string of disappearances and deaths on the New York City streets. All of them seem to be linked somehow to mysterious John Yesterday, a man who has no memories of his past…

Solve the mystery of Yesterday now on GOG.COM, DRM-free, with a 75% discount until 3rd December 2019, 2 PM UTC. Also, check out the game's prequel - Yesterday Origins.
Tarhiel: But nowhere in the description do they say it´s a sequel, they haven´t said anything wrong in the description.
Pygmalion_4678: From the release news of Yesterday: "Also, check out the game's prequel - Yesterday Origins." That's wrong, Origins is a sequel and contains massive spoilers for Yesterday.
Oh that´s what you mean, I thought you meant the game´s description page.
Then I am quiet :)
MarkoH01: Sad that they did not include the German version of the game. It's a point and click and it's well known Germans love those ... so I'd say bad decision if it was not because of legal issues.
Hustlefan: The German version of the game was published by Crimson Cow like all adventures from Pendulo since Runaway, except Yesterday Origins and Blacksad. I don't know if they are still in business. Their last Twitter post was from 2013.
I understand. So it is a legal issue and neither GOG nor Focus can be blamed for it. Still sad but I guess we have to accept this.