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You have my shotgun. And my bow. And my axe!

<span class="bold">We Are The Dwarves</span>, a tactical action-adventure with active pause and overgrown facial hair, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on, with a 33% launch discount.

We Are The Dwarves and we're on a space mission that might save our dying race. All we need to do is combine our unique skills against the alien abominations that dwell in this accursed place. Forcer here is really good with firearms and explosives; just point him to a cluster of ugly aliens and he'll take them out in a couple of blasts, no problem. Smashfist has a volatile temper and a couple of equally volatile axes that he enjoys swinging at the general direction of any slithering monstrosity that emerges from the depths of the Endless Stone. And then there's Shadow. Now this fellow may not look like much (or anything at all) but give him enough time and he'll strike at the most opportune moment - clean, mean, and unseen.

Be smart, efficient, resourceful, and spectacularly hairy if you want to shout <span class="bold">We Are The Dwarves</span> at the aliens, DRM-free on
The 33% discount will last until September 28, 1:59 PM UTC.
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i_hope_you_rot: Hmm .

All the most recent reviews gave 5 stars to the game . Are people trolling ?
Glaucos: Strange. All of them (between March 25th and April 17th) have 3 or less games, but everyone is a verified owner. Is someone creating fake accounts, buying the game and reviewing it?
id think those people arent buying the game if the reviews are as fake as they look.

Edit: I should be clear and state they stink of those dodgy Steam "Curator group" reviews. same frubbing pattern.
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