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You have my shotgun. And my bow. And my axe!

<span class="bold">We Are The Dwarves</span>, a tactical action-adventure with active pause and overgrown facial hair, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on, with a 33% launch discount.

We Are The Dwarves and we're on a space mission that might save our dying race. All we need to do is combine our unique skills against the alien abominations that dwell in this accursed place. Forcer here is really good with firearms and explosives; just point him to a cluster of ugly aliens and he'll take them out in a couple of blasts, no problem. Smashfist has a volatile temper and a couple of equally volatile axes that he enjoys swinging at the general direction of any slithering monstrosity that emerges from the depths of the Endless Stone. And then there's Shadow. Now this fellow may not look like much (or anything at all) but give him enough time and he'll strike at the most opportune moment - clean, mean, and unseen.

Be smart, efficient, resourceful, and spectacularly hairy if you want to shout <span class="bold">We Are The Dwarves</span> at the aliens, DRM-free on
The 33% discount will last until September 28, 1:59 PM UTC.
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Ninja dwarves is something I've never seen before.
Enemies vary in sense interaction, picking up movement, ambient noise and scent.
So some of them don't bathe?
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I had forgotten about this one, probably because it doesn't look like something I'd enjoy.
Hm, so this is another Dwarves game. I mistook it for this one:
"Pause and queue gameplay - slow time and set up a series of commands to be executed."

^^ Love this....definitely wistlisted for now, too many games going on at once atm, and too big of a backlog as well
And there is another game about dwarves coming, simply called The Dwarves. I can imagine some confusion arising between the two. None of them inspire me anyway.
EDIT: Matruchus above is the first known victim. But hey, they're all short and bearded, at least use more varied titles to differentiate better. It feels kind of bad planning, Also a fest for "dwarves lovers" out there.
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Hmmm interesting, might give it a look in by seeing some lets plays.
I'm interested...
Reviews on Steam don't inspire much confidence...

Will wait for 1st hand reports methinks
- "We are the dwarves!"
- "Where, can't see ye?"
- "By the ancient astronaut beards, down here!"
- "Ohhh...!"


Looks like a nice game, nice release discount and the reviews are mostly good, although I see some really bad ones too.
WBGhiro: Ninja dwarves is something I've never seen before.
Actually, Wizardry has had ninja dwarves since the first game in the series. Of course, actually making one is not exactly easy, as getting 17 in all stats requires some luck and is not possible at character creation time. There is a weapon that can let you make one more easily, but it's rare.
WBGhiro: So some of them don't bathe?
They're dwarves! They bathe once a year whether they need it or not.

Since I'm a huge fan of dwarves, I'll toss this on my wishlist. But I'm getting a bit tired of these devs that release on Steam first, then deign to releasse on GOG only months later, as if tossing crumbs to a begging dog. So... wishlist, then purchase at steep discount. If at all.
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Can't say the trailer does much to sell the game - unless that is all there is to it.

Lovey art style and beautiful graphics but does the gameplay do justice to them I wonder. One to watch and read more reviews on before deciding.
gotta have when I can afford it