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Lead your football club through national championships and to international stardom. WE ARE FOOTBALL is now available on GOG.COM, sporting a 10% discount that will last until 17th June 2021, 5 PM UTC.

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ThomNG: Enjoy and have fun!
Anime-BlackWolf: You know that no german user will buy that game without the Bundesliga DLC, right? RIGHT???

Remember Bundesliga-Manager. Or Anstoss. Just a thought...
They have achievements and cloud save ???
ThomNG: Enjoy and have fun!
achievement?cloud save?
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Dang, my bro's spreadsheet is pretty messed up!
What, no Star Trek reference yet? I am disappointed.
Since SEGA loves DRM and Football Manager is a no-go, this one seems like a good alternative for those interested. What's more, it could turn out far more entertaining than FM. Anyway, good luck to the team behind it and to those playing have a great time!
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Does it allow you to setup a super league for the sole purpose of milking fans even more so than the previous years?
ꄘꆂꆂ꓅ꃃꋫ꒒꒒ ❣️ : )
high rated
For the people interested there is already a Patch that adds real logos + names , players etc. (So you don't even need the bundesliga DLC)
To read the details just use google translate because the language is in German.

More info here:
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Have you added achievements and saved to the cloud?
I’m pretty sure this one will be abandoned by the devs pretty quick. Looks like a revived Championship Manager 5.
Not a footie fan myself, but it does look well done at least.

On a tangent: ALL the football
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avatar Release: WE ARE FOOTBALL
The game doesn’t include any official football licenses.
The game comes with an editor which lets you create your own leagues or clubs:
Any country in the world can be edited
Men’s and women’s leagues
Choice of official or personal database at the beginning of the game
Open league systems with editable promotion and demotion rules
Expandable names list per language
Automatic creation of players and teams
Comprehensive editors for crests and shirts
Options to integrate your own graphics
low rated

low rated
Just a reminder that this game is about Soccer, not Football as in American Football.

I saw the title and I had to double check because I though it was maybe a NFL coaching game...
So anyone bought it and tried it out?.