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New evil rising.

<span class="bold">Call of the Tenebrae</span>, a Two Worlds II adventure which invites you back to the lands of Antaloor, is now available, DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount.

Welcome back, heroes! Prepare to team up with allies old and new, improve your gear, battle a new race of plotting monsters, and explore never-before-seen areas - all in an upgraded engine that will make you see Two Worlds under a new light. This is a fresh RPG campaign, so series newcomers can jump right in, as long as they can handle the challenge.

The 10% discount lasts until July 14, 1PM UTC.
I see some posters said this is a stand-alone expansion when the product page clearly stated required Two Worlds II Epic Edition in order to play.
Well i guess i will wait how two worlds 3 turns out to be before considerung buying this
OldFatGuy: Okay, I'm confused too.

I do NOT want anything to do with microtransactions. Soooo,,

Does the gog version of TW2 AND/OR this expansion have microtransactions? Can anyone just clarify that?

ADDED: I just now bought the "new" DLC because I knew nothing about microtransactions (I didn't see it mentioned on the store page... did I just miss it?)

So I want clarification because if this has microtransactions then I want to refund it. I want nothing, EVER, to do with any game that has microtransactions. Period.

Oh, and I forgot... THANK YOU very much for any information because right now I am very confused. But I do really appreciate all you folks that provide dummies like with more info.
According to this french site which is a reference in RPG games, the DLC (in its Steam version, so the GOG version should be identical) introduces an ingame store with microtransactions.
I think you can use Google to translate the review ;)
masayersuk: Oh Reality Pump Studios you are really spoiling us with 10% off for existing customers. If they push for their super-douche approach to this old game of adding micro-transactions into the gog version I will be amongst those signing petitions to have their games removed from sale from the gog site.
The petition was nothing to do with this, it was about Alkemi studios apparently never getting paid by Topware for their game.
Falkenherz: Interesting. I wasn't aware that it was a standalone expansion. Since I already have completed Two Worlds 2 and am not inclined to play it again, the standalone thing actually makes this adventure here worth some consideration.

@GOG: Could you clarify how the whole console and microtransaction issue, which caused quite some turmoil over at Steam, has been handled in this here GOG version (before all hell breaks loose in the thread)?
DAlancole: The console is in and the microtransactions aren't :)

Use "cotcheats" to enable cheats.
Great, thanks for clarifying as I was just about to post the steam link to that info myself!

And thanks to the devs for doing right by us and releasing this here and re-enabling the console and nixing the microtransactions!
I decided to try it.

Good news, I didn't notice any in-game shop or microtransactions or anything like that. But I didn't get very far, just killed the initial few enemies and landed in the past after some magical hand waving and badly animated cutscene (I have no idea how the main character deduced that it must be past where he ended, nothing in the cutscane suggested it), found a first village and talked to the shopkeeper there.

Neutral news, my worldmerge save won't load. Not very surprising, I expected as much and have saved my pre-cott copy of tw2 in another folder before upgrading, should I decide to continue that game.

Bad news - sort of. The controls feel awful. It takes ages for char to start running, stop running, start drawing a bow. Jump just launches you in the air on an improbable curve. It doesn't help that "jump" and "activate" are bound to the same key, I didn't yet look if they can be separated into more natural space=jump/E=activate. It's probably the same as in base game, which I liked enough to finish... but I wasn't spoiled by things like Dragon's Dogma back then and only remembered tw2 for it's good parts (for example how I was stunned by the water creeks on the first orc island - first game I tried on my first decent graphics card!). When comparing to more recent titles - there is no comparison at all. It didn't age too well and cott did nothing to improve it.

Edit: I was too harsh. Jumping into this straight from DD was bit of a shock. I gave it another hour today and it's not that bad. Action CAN be mapped to E key. The issue with running delay was on my end - unlike just about every other game of this genre, here left-shift serves to TOGGLE AUTORUN, not run-while-holding. It's not worse than main game, it just takes some getting used to.
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Grrrrrr.... Microtransactions Grrrrrrr... GRRRR.....