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Train Valley and Train Valley 2 are now available DRM-free. Get them up to -80% until August 5th, 1pm UTC, with additional 20% off discount applicable when completing the series.

Train Valley is a train tycoon puzzle game. Build an efficient railroad, upgrade your locomotives, and keep all trains on track to meet the ever-growing demand of the cities and industries in your tiny valley.
Are the saves for this game in the registry?

I deleted my Steam version, installed this one, and it's where I left off with the Steam version, on the third "mission".

EDIT, Yes it is, and I found the file and deleted it.
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flazm: Thanks for your input and support, guys! We are working on this saving issue. Sorry for an unexpected problem. We do save progress in the file actually, but the game has a problem to read it. Will try to fix it asap.
Thanks for taking the feedback into account.

edit: mmh, seen a review about wasd. Is there a way to rebind keys? Using wasd for camera is really out of the question for me.
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I tried to buy this, but it turned out that GOG has just pushed a change which makes it far less likely I'll buy anything here.

(They switched to that new PayPal checkout flow which uses a popup window. I still haven't been able to figure out how many of my browser tweaks need to be reverted to get that to complete successfully. It's annoying enough that I have to drop into about:config and reset my* settings temporarily just to get the popup to appear. I still haven't figured out what else I need to reset to prevent the checkout from failing part-way through.)

For now, I suppose I'll have to put together a special Firefox profile just for, but you can see why I'd be less inclined to make impulse buys. (And I already own basically everything that <i>wouldn't</i> be an impulse buy.)

EDIT: Made the custom Firefox profile and bought it.
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flazm: Hello everyone. We have updated the builds. Both TV1 and TV2 should save progress fine on Linux. Thanks for your help and patience!
Thanks for being responsive and supporting Linux. Bought!
There is an options screen to rebind keys, so no problem in that regard. Got both games (first not added to account though :P). Cute. :)
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