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On the trails again.

<span class="bold">The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel</span>, in a worldwide PC premiere, is available now with a 10% launch discount and free DLC Special Item Bundle, DRM-free on

For veterans and newcomers alike, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel features a rich and nuanced world, expanding gameplay through an all new Combat Link System and streamlined mechanics; as well as all-new content prepared specifically for the PC release.

Now available with 3 DLC bundles of outfits and accessories: Special Item Bundle – free for a limited time; a collection of casual outfits in the Costume Pack; and the Shining Pom Bait Pack.

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The launch discount will last until August 8, 5 PM UTC.
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Great game, great port, totally worth the $40 for the base game even though it is a several year old title I've already played on my Vita.

That DLC pricing though...

Maybe when they're 75% off.
I'm so glad that I completed Trails in the Sky the 3rd just on the cusp of Cold Steel's release. Literally on the morning of the same day!

It's great to be back basically immediately and to think that the Erebonian Empire's saga is still not done with Calvard left and potentially a mega series encompassing the whole Zemurian Continent afterwards (here's to hoping).

A mere 11 hours in on my end and I'm already thinking that multiple play-throughs will be in order.
Erpy: Only important cutscenes are voiced. The game contains way too much text (and Falcom is way too small a company) to do a full-voice version of a script of that magnitude. And yeah, it can be a bit rough. Cold Steel was Falcom's first project with the 3D engine they've used since and the assets take some getting used to.

Regarding the characters, yeah that incident makes most folks cringe. One hurdle Cold Steel has that instead of starting out with a small group (like Estelle and Joshua in Sky) that gruadually expands, all protagonists are classmates, meaning the entire cast is introduced at once and the writers set up some quick ham-handed conflicts between some of them. It gets a lot better over time though and "that incident" is thankfully quickly resolved. (I think they set it up purely so they could pull an unexpected resolution out later on, which was not an elegant way to handle it)
Somewhere between ch2 and ch3 (third expedition into the old schoolhouse is awaiting after I'm done with other erands), and I can confirm that the game feels very much better. It just takes some time both to get used to the 3D and to get the story going. The 3D is simple in terms of polygon count, but the usual attention to detail of the sky games is there. Character expressions too are a lot better than the introduction lets on. In short, it's the good old Trails game, just with different coat of paint and new storyline.
great series
Erpy: Most people complaining about it on the Steam forums didn't miss it. The Asia-only voice contracts were something that was pointed out frequently since the console version had the same issue. The complainers just ignored these circumstances because why let circumstances get in the way of a perfectly good persecution complex? :/
MIK0: I don't pretend to know how things works in this case and in particular the agreement about Trails of Cold Steel dub.
It's a fact that however NIS America was able to secure both english and japanese dub for the upcoming Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana. That could simply mean that the previous dub agreement done by Falcom was more favorable (than the one for Trails of Cold Steel) and able to allow further use of the dub for the international release at a reasonable cost, or that NISA was able to make a better deal and secure it. We don't know.
Actually he does know what he is talking about. This is from xseeed
You have to understand that most of the time (pretty much 99% of the time at this point, really), when the original Japanese voice-acting is removed from a game during localization, it's done out of necessity, NOT by choice. NO publisher is going to remove the original voice track if there exists an option to keep it -- there'd be no reason to, after all! But I speak from personal experience when I tell you that there are many, many times where publishers aren't given any choice in the matter whatsoever. Technical limitations and storage space aren't the only factors, either -- there's also that dreaded specter known as LICENSING. Sadly, everyone who's ever spoken a line of dialogue or sung a phrase of music in a video game signed a contract of some sort... and some of those contracts, ESPECIALLY in Japan, can be pretty draconian when you get down to the fine print. It's not at all uncommon for a Japanese voice-actor to record his/her voice for a game under the stipulation that it ONLY be used within the country of Japan, making it ILLEGAL to use those lines anywhere else in the world.

I'm not able to comment as to whether or not this is the reason we've removed Japanese voice tracks from some of our past titles, but I can give a relatively well-known example from the world of anime: Kodocha. When that show was brought to the U.S. by The Right Stuf, there were major licensing problems associated with the first opening theme, "19 O'Clock News" by the band Tokio. Not only was that song originally used as the opening theme for episodes 1-51 of the show, but Tokio's lead singer Mamo made a cameo appearance in episode 1 as himself, exchanging a few lines of dialogue with the series' main character Sana. And when the show was brought over to North America, absolutely NONE of that could be used due to licensing issues. Not only did Right Stuf have to substitute the second opening theme (originally used in episodes 52-102 of the anime) in place of the first, but they had to bleep out all of Mamo's lines from the Japanese language track on the DVD.

Heres another source : At Bandai-Namco’s Pre-Tokyo Game Show press event in Japan yesterday, Tales of Zestiria’s producer Hideo Baba spoke a bit to us about the game’s upcoming Western release and highlighted how it will retain its original Japanese voice track for those who would rather listen to it than the English one.

This marks the second time ever that a Tales game has been released in the West with both voice tracks (the first was the Tales of Symphonia HD remaster collection which came out in early 2014).

When asked why other past Tales games haven’t included both voice tracks, Baba explained that licensing problems related to the voice actors’ performances prevented releasing the Japanese voice track abroad—not surprising given the popularity (and money making prowess) of voice actors in Japan.

Forgot to add where i got it from : Sources : and
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