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Take on the role of the martial arts master Hiro, Meilin, or Shin as they face off against the Black Mantis clan in a dynamic action-adventure platformer. Okinawa Rush is now available on GOG.COM along with a razor-sharp 15% discount that will last until 10th November 2021, 6 PM UTC!

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Swissy88: Would try the demo (but it's on steam).
Would listen to soundtrack (but not packaged anywhere).

And also a total deal breaker, from the developer on steam.

"Hi, there is no keyboard mapping.
There are two choices of keyboard inputs.
Cursor keys (move) with ctrl/shift or z, x

There wiil not be keyboard mapping.
Joypads inputs are fully mappable from title screen > controls"

Oh well. This just another example of a game I'd like to hide so I don't see it and vet it every sale to find out this deal breaker.
I made a post in the Steam forum asking if that really meant there was no keyboard remapping planned in a future update and to please consider it since it's something that's expected in any PC game of the last 35 years. In response the thread got locked and the dev highlighted the post you quoted as a definite answer.

So either:
- The team is very small and has no time or room to implement additional features.
- The main focus is the Switch version and the PC version is a quick and dirty port job that's not supposed to soak up too many man hours.
- The developers are proud controller fans and the lack of keyboard support is a selling point, not a bug.

At least there was a demo on GOG so I was given a chance to notice the issue instead of buying it and then having to return it.

Edit: Nevermind, apparantly it's option 4. Still a shame.
Thank you to everyone who bought the game and left a review or posted feedback on the forums, you guys rock! Now, part of that feedback pertained to the keyboard support which we’d like to address now.

We haven’t properly communicated this but due to the limitations of the engine we are working in and the problems caused by the general settings in our game, we are not currently able to implement the ability to change the settings on the keyboard without generating additional problems.
Post edited October 22, 2021 by Erpy
Erpy: Edit: Nevermind, apparently it's option 4. Still a shame.
Ah, incompetent implementation.

I don't buy it.

Custom keyboard handlers have existed since at least the DOS era. The BIOS keyboard handler famously sucked; so many games implemented their own (with mixed results.). You could tell a game was going to feel bad when it used the defaults.