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Once upon a time in Mexico.

Mulaka is now available, DRM-free on, 10% off until March 6, 5PM UTC.
Your land is suffering, the people need a hero. As one of the legendary Tarahumara shamans, it's your job to facilitate its healing by solving puzzles, cracking some ugly heads, and exploring for secrets in this 3D action/adventure inspired by Mexican mythology and paragons of the genre like the Zelda series.
Huh, now this is interesting. I've read up on the Tarahumara before. They're not really fast runners, but they can go for extraordinarily long distances without stopping, and often live on very little in regards to food. They literally will hunt deers by running them to death (i.e. the deer runs away from them and they pursue it for so long that it drops dead from exhaustion).
This is worth getting for the lore alone/to see where they go with the story aspects.
Post edited February 28, 2018 by zeogold