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Pretty village, pretty flames.

<span class="bold">Kingdoms and Castles</span>, a building/strategy game where you expand your humble medieval villages into majestic, castle-crowned cities, is now available, DRM-free on!

Medieval times were not the best environment to raise a city in: dragons, raiders, diseases, aggressive weather - they'll all try to bring it down. But follow a sensible design, keep your citizens in good health, build the odd wall if necessary, and you might give your village a fighting chance in this dynamic, unforgiving world.

For a closer look, check out this highly entertaining video from Yogscast, streaming a beta version of the game during their GOG visit a couple of months ago.

Watch the trailer.

Watch the Yogscast stream.
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dudalb: I would hsve been more interested if they left out the fantasy elements or made them optional.. I want a Medieval "Caesar 3" or "Pharoah" city builder. It is not that I dislike Fantasy strategy games...I love "Majesty" and "Age of Wonders",,,I just like my city builders to be rooted in history.
Still sad tht "Medieval Mayor" fell through ...tha was a amedieval city builder by the "Impressions" team...the people who did the "Caesar/Pharoah/Zeus/Emperor ot the Middle Kingdom" games.
You've played Stronghold, right?
Pass. I rather just play Stronghold again instead.
Why the fuck is GOG showing the gameplay by the infamous Yogscast? Do they realize that they are uptight assholes and secondly, they F-Bombed Notch in front of Children! Babies!

Fucking morons......
Here is proof from an old forum topis dating in 2011

Besides that, ill look into this game in the future.
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just saved €9.99
Just spent 9.99, plus and an undisclosed amount on afew more new releases. Gog is killing my budget these past months.
Thankfully, i havent been wrong many times when i look at a new game and think "this one is just my kind of game".

Gog actually needs to slow down with these kinds of releases. I can't keep up.