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Jazz up your collection.

Jazz Jackrabbit: The Complete Collection and Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Complete Collection are now available DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount until December 7, 2PM UTC. Or get them together with Epic Pinball for a neat 25% discount.
He's green, he's lean, he's got some crazy speed: Jazz Jackrabbit, the intergalactic lagomorph with the red bandana and gung-ho attitude is back, exclusively on Both of his bombastic outings were hailed as platform shooter classics back when they were first unleashed upon the world, partly thanks to their tight mechanics and vibrant visuals and partly for their swanky protagonist and addictive soundtrack.

The edition of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 can also come pre-bundled with the incredible JJ2+ mod. Packing years of dedication from the Jazz Jackrabbit community, expanded multiplayer features and game modes, tons of fixes, as well as tools to play (and create) the huge library of community-made content.
Download Jazz Jackrabbit 2 with the JJ2+ mod through the Beta Channels feature in GOG Galaxy or by grabbing the appropriate offline installers directly from your account.
You can find more about Beta branches here.

If you're looking for an extra dose of platforming and pinball goodness, check out our Special Sale - but be quick, it ends December 1st, 11PM UTC!
How do i get JJ2+ working with an XBox One controller? I would especially like to get the dpad working.
I remember playing the original disc version with an Xbox 360 controller, but i can't get JJ2+ working with it.
I can rebind controller 2 in the main option menu, but there it only reacts to the left stick and not the dpad. Once in-game, i can only select keyboard 1, keyboard 2 and keyboard/mouse, no controller.

Also, does this not have forum of it's own? Selecting the forum from the game page sends me to the general forum.
Thanks for making this game available. I have been hoping for this to release for so long :)
Ranayna: Also, does this not have forum of it's own? Selecting the forum from the game page sends me to the general forum.
It does. :) The misdirected link from the library is a problem that affects numerous other titles. GOG staff are aware of it, but have yet to do anything about it (or, indeed, even to ensure it doesn't occur with new releases).
JudasIscariot: We've updated the game via Galaxy and we've updated the offline installers today with a fix that should solve your problem. Please update the game either via Galaxy or download the new installer from your library and re-install the game :)

If you experience any other issues, please click the "Support" button on the top bar and send us a ticket :)
Thank you!