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Ion Fury is now available DRM-free.

While Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison earned her codename defusing bombs for the Global Defense Force, when evil transhumanist mastermind Dr. Jadus Heskel unleashes the members of his cybernetic cult onto the streets of Neo DC, she knows it’s time to start causing explosions instead of preventing them.

Her quest to slay Heskel leaves a trail of carnage throughout huge, multi-path levels filled with gigantic explosions, more secret areas than we can count, and inhuman foes behind every corner. There’s no regenerating health here; stop taking cover and start running and gunning.
Sorry for double post, just pasting some info about the status of the Big Box.

This was apparently posted by Frederik Schreiber on 3D Realms Discord on October 10th (taken from Steam forums):

About the regular editions - As you might already know, the USB Bowling Bombs were delayed, but they have all arrived at the packaging center, and the Regular Editions are all currently being packed.
We expect all of them to be packed (There are a few thousands of them, being packed by hand), by the end of next week. Then they will go on palettes, and will be shipped to the same distribution centers.

To be on the safe side, we expect the Regular Editions to reach the distribution centers in 2 weeks time, and then it'll be another week for stocking and shipping.
We wish we could make this go faster, but due to our wish of having the latest build on the actual USBs (Floppies and USB Bowling Bombs), we had to wait with the production of the final items.

So maybe November will be our lucky month :P
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