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Experiment and have fun in the ultimate playground as Agent 47 to become the master assassin. HITMAN - Game of The Year Edition is now available on GOG.COM with an astounding 70% discount that will last until 29th September 2021, 1 PM UTC.

Get ready for even more challenges! All games from the Hitman series available on GOG.COM receive 75% discounts lasting also until 29th September 2021, 1 PM UTC:

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Dear Community,

Thank you for your patience and for giving us the time to investigate the release of HITMAN GOTY on GOG. As promised, we’re getting back to you with updates.

We're still in dialogue with IO Interactive about this release. Today we have removed HITMAN GOTY from GOG’s catalog – we shouldn’t have released it in its current form, as you’ve pointed out.

We’d like to apologise for the confusion and anger generated by this situation. We’ve let you down and we’d like to thank you for bringing this topic to us – while it was honest to the bone, it shows how passionate you are towards GOG.

We appreciate your feedback and will continue our efforts to improve our communication with you.
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Alexim: I recommend everyone to have a tour on the official Hitman Discord server and let them know what you think of this release, surely IOI doesn't give a damn about GOG and will never read these complaints, but on their server they'll have to say something about it:
I show my support by not buying this game. Not from GOG, nor elsewhere. Well, unless at some point I get a big urge to play it and some place is selling it very cheaply I guess, but I'd be surprised if that ever happens, as I keep buying (DRM-free) games to backlog, and playing them months or years after release.
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Umm… OK? Thanks? You know that Hitman 2016 is the worst way to play Hitman 2016, right? Hitman 2 is the best way to go.
BanditKeith2: Zoom platform has all drm-free games aswell so the boycotters can move to Zoom platform just saying for the drm free games
timppu: Yeah that could be one to keep eye on... but their selection of games seems rather restricted as well, at least I didn't see e.g. Tomb Raider GOTY, Sleeping Dogs, Fallout: New Vegas or Darksiders series there, the kind of games I love to buy DRM-free.

Also didn't they have some... unclear releases, ie. games they might not have permission to sell? E.g. Race Driver: GRID?
From what I found they actually have a odd contract license set up that allows them to sell em legally .. Also unsure what the ones listed as drm-free storefronts in this have but they have newer stuff and different stuff too from a quick glance of varies storefronts I viewed that after this G.O.G thing has made G.O.G be on such thin Ice with me one more such case and odds are I will take my business elsewhere
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phaolo: Why are you attacking users that criticize this release?
Do you disagree or are you disrupting other people's complaints, despite them sharing your same disappointment?
Are you like playing the devil's advocate or.. the masochist hipster?
timppu: I am not attacking users criticizing this release. If there is meaningful single-player content restricted behind always-online requirement, then this game shouldn't be called DRM-free in the store.

I am attacking the idiots who huff and puff and are all talk. The drama queens.

So I ask you again: are you going to do as you suggested "people" should do? Or is it all talk? Why do you hang around in a store you don't like?
Well, there are also the idiots (sic) who think they can decide what's the correct way to protest, so even a single comment suddenly becomes "drama queen". -_-'
I have the right to complain about the status of Gog in the way I prefer. If I had completely fed up about it, I would have already left. Instead, I'm here commenting on a bad release.

I have already boycotted Steam for more than a decade, even skipping freebies (until Gog Connect, ironically), so I already did my part enough.
And it was completely useless for the bigger cause (even if it made me save money, in the end).
I would frankly like to avoid starting again, so at the moment this is just another "straw".
Mine was obviously an hyperbole, but aimed at Gog.. you're like counter-protesting protesters for pointless reasons.
Not sure what's your problem today..
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timppu: I can also understand if someone wants to boycott a company or a store... but what I don't quite understand is hanging around in a company or store you boycott and don't like.
I like games and prefer old-style forums to social media. This is still quite an active forum where people talk about games (and related things). Plus I'm still hanging on to the hope that gog will see the error of their ways and stop with all of this DRM bollocks.
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mrkgnao: I would like to be able to buy on GOG, but their service has deteriorated so much, that I find it no longer appealing. I could give up on them, but instead by boycotting them, I have a tiny bit of hope that they will improve. This boycott obviously requires me to publicise the fact that I am boycotting in order to draw GOG's attention and have them think whether their future plans should be reconsidered.
I took the Google Translate definition:

boycott = "withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest".

As said, this could be partly a cultural thing. Here if we don't like some store or business, we just stop being their customers. At best we might send an angry email or call to their support, telling them why we will stop being their customers. That is what I did to e.g. TeamViewer, one email telling them why I am switching to their competitor, AnyDesk (then again I wasn't paying for either product so I wasn't really a paying customer anyway, big loss for them I guess, using the free versions of their products).

But we will not keep calling them and walking in front of their stores with signs. I am not storming TeamViewer forums telling everyone repeatedly how I don't like TeamViewer anymore and refuse to have anything to do with them.

So I guess we just have a different idea how we think we promote DRM-free games on GOG the best. For you it apparently is to stop buying anything, including DRM-free games, from GOG, and keep telling GOG you are doing that because of this one game.

I, on the other hand, keep buying only the DRM-free games and refuse to buy that one DRM-game, demonstrating that way to them that they can't sell such games to me (because I wouldn't buy such games from other stores either, most likely).
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Accidentally locked myself out of my email which also prevented me from logging into gog yesterday. So what did I miss?
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People who know me know that I love CD Projekt and I try to give them benefit of the doubt. I'm also a person who thinks the term "DRM" gets thrown around way too much. However, I want to chime in here and make it clear that even fans like myself see an issue with this. This most certainly IS DRM. I want the best for this site and for the company and doing stuff like this is not smart.

Please get in contact with the publisher and ask them to immediately remove the DRM or else remove the game altogether. This isn't acceptable.
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timppu: I can also understand if someone wants to boycott a company or a store... but what I don't quite understand is hanging around in a company or store you boycott and don't like.

It serves no purpose.
I can understand that and it certainly serves a purpose.

Lots of people who don't like GOG, they still have dozens or hundreds or thousands of games on GOG.

So, they are heavily invested in GOG and hence have a vested interest in keeping up with GOG's shenanigans.

But that doesn't mean they automatically have to "like" GOG just because they are heavily invested into the GOG platform.

Criticizing GOG for this crap serves very noble purposes, like demonstrating to them why they keep destroying their reputation further and further, and hence alienating & repelling many of their customers more and more, with every bad decision they keep making, like the decisions to release more DRM'ed games onto GOG, such as Hitman GOTY.
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So much for having principles, I guess. How many are GOG still claiming to be abiding by anyhow?
The point is, all of those other DRM-Free sites are crap in terms of what people are looking for, aside from Steam. People want big releases without DRM locks. It doesn't look to me like these major publishers are willing to do that easily. Case in point, we still don't have Doom 2016 or even Skyrim, despite that it has been released five times over. Bethesda is not ready to give this up.

Of all the great JRPG's that Squenix is known for, they gave us Tomb Raider. I guess releasing the DRM on a single Final Fantasy game would cause the earth to spin out of orbit.

The Batman games were a total fluke and I think they came on Warner's assumptions that CP2077 was going to be a major hit for them. They would have never given up Batman now. Please keep in mind that prior to that game's release, we were getting some rather large titles.

But make no mistake, the CP2077 disaster definitely put a level of distaste in the mouths of publishers and could be a very good reason as to why we have gotten some rather bizarre curated titles as of recent. GOG has to convince these publishers to release the DRM and to be fair, if that game is doing well with it, publishers see no reason to go without it.

The only market I can see doing well with truly DRM-Free games is the adult market. All the NSFW stores offer no DRM. DLSite added a weird online code you have to register on the site, but you don't need it to play the game after that.
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Swedrami: Needs a corresponding extra disclaimer (similar to the one here) clearly stating that certain content (the mentioned Escalation missions, Elusive Targets, user-created Contracts, cosmetic bullshit and whatnot) can only be accessed with a permanent online connection.
No. Needs to be removed entirely from the GOG catalog until it is truly a DRM-free product.
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Ancient-Red-Dragon: Criticizing GOG for this crap serves very noble purposes, like demonstrating to them why they keep destroying their reputation further and further, and hence alienating & repelling many of their customers more and more, with every bad decision they keep making, like the decisions to release more DRM'ed games onto GOG, such as Hitman GOTY.
Money is the biggest motivator, not talk. I am not convinced that stopping buying DRM-free games from GOG is a good motivator for publishers to release more DRM-free games on GOG. If anything, it will have the opposite effect.

Also, if one really wants to affect how GOG should be doing their business (like "not destroying their reputation"), then the most powerful thing is to buy their (parent company's) shares, instead of their games. Then you get to directly decide how they do business. Not alone of course, unless you buy the majority of their shares...
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emme: Got the game open while offline, and this seems to indicate that sadly, yes... ALL the progression (challenges/mastery and inventory) is limited to online only.
Heartbreaking. :( The smile on my face when I saw HITMAN GOTY on the front page has been backhandedly slapped away.
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FalloutDefault: So is there any difference with the Steam version if you buy it here? According to this post the game doesn't even save your progress on the campaign, if I'm understanding it correctly:
The only way to save your progress on the campaign is the online mode. GOG's standpoint is very misleading because most of the features and all the progression are locked online.

- Ending mission score
- All map entrances except the default one
- All tools of the trade, items, firearms except the default ones
- All outfits except the default ones
- All the story mastery levels
- All the story challenges

Basically anything that gives the player a sense of progression and makes the game good and replayable. All of that is unavailable. What's even worse is that some levels, like Hokkaido are inventory-locked the first time, and the only way to play them properly with at least some very basic items is to go online to unlock the slots to use them offline afterwards.
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