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Experiment and have fun in the ultimate playground as Agent 47 to become the master assassin. HITMAN - Game of The Year Edition is now available on GOG.COM with an astounding 70% discount that will last until 29th September 2021, 1 PM UTC.

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Dear Community,

Thank you for your patience and for giving us the time to investigate the release of HITMAN GOTY on GOG. As promised, we’re getting back to you with updates.

We're still in dialogue with IO Interactive about this release. Today we have removed HITMAN GOTY from GOG’s catalog – we shouldn’t have released it in its current form, as you’ve pointed out.

We’d like to apologise for the confusion and anger generated by this situation. We’ve let you down and we’d like to thank you for bringing this topic to us – while it was honest to the bone, it shows how passionate you are towards GOG.

We appreciate your feedback and will continue our efforts to improve our communication with you.
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Got my refund.
Gylfe: Many are complaining about content being online only... this was an online only game. Anyone familiar with this series would know that.


I dont support online only drm, but unlike the original release you can play the main part oc the game without ever going online and there is no reason to ever connect with the GOG version unless you desperately want the challenge, in which case you have the option to do so
Martek: As one that isn't "familiar" with the series (my "familiarity" with game-series' is what is visible here, not the "more current view" one might have from buying current-titles on Steam, or playing consoles, etc.), I appreciate your information.

Looks like it is not worth $17.99 - not as is being sold.
It is a fun game but if you did want to play it I would just recommend the Steam version. The GOG version literally has no major advantage, since the biggest problem with the Steam version is here as well.
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avatar ...
Another release on GOG of a game with single-player mode content (weapons, starting points and so on) locked behind an online-check DRM?
Ah sh*t, here we go again.
thefallenalchemist: A lot of places are having issues with DRM-Free games now. I have a feeling that's because these companies are really trying to push streaming games instead of buying them. This might be the end of buying a game as we know it, as soon as they can make it like Disney+ or HBO Max for gaming, they will. You're gonna rent games forever, pretty much.
I don't think they'll do it right away. I think it will be the final gameplan, once people are properly disillusioned.

I mean, for content creators, Netflix essentially pays for pennies on the dollar. I'd pay at least a good 10$ for a movie when I bought it. I'm sure that when I watch it on Netflix, they are not earning anywhere near that for the movie that I watch.

In that sense, Netflix is fair (its not ownership, but it is fair).

But what they got right now when selling drmed games is a gold mine. They are raking in money, like if they were selling ownership, but they are not commiting to anything tangible in return. When some of those big stores take their servers offline, you better believe a lot of those people will be paying for those games again, probably rental-style at that point (trust in the fake "ownership" model will have eroded by then, justifiably so).

mrkgnao: But I don't think they are shooting themselves in the foot. Some will buy this game despite the DRM, some will not because of the DRM, but I believe the net profit will be positive for GOG. Nothing lost.
Not saying I'll stick around forever is a significant portion of their games become DRMed.

I'm not gonna buy my games from 10 different places and If I trust somebody else more and they are providing the goods, well...

And no, I'm not going with Steam, no matter what you say. At least, GOG (and some other stores I believe) states officially that their games are drm-free.

Steam does not even pretends this is the case. Whatever games are drm-free on Steam, its an unsupported quirk. If they remove it tomorrow, you have no right to complain. They never claimed it in the first place.
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It's the same shit as steam. Not even sure why should anyone buy it here, it was much cheaper on steam a lot of time ago.
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Oh well, at least pressing F5 to see how long it will take for the user score to plummet below 2.0 kept me busy (and moderately entertained) for the afternoon, so thanks for that!
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SmollestLight: Story and bonus missions can be played offline :) For Escalation missions, Elusive Targets or user-created Contracts you will need an online connection.
So now you are starting to define your
"DRM FREE. No activation or online connection required to play. "
By telling us "at least a bit of the game is playable"? Shame on you, GOG. DRM-free watered down even more than it was before. You call yourself a curated and DRM-free store - act like this or scratch the DRM-free with the consequence of losing a lot of customers. At least be honest.
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I am a Galaxy user, but even I cannot ignore it when such a huge chunk of SINGLEPLAYER content is locked behind the internet connection!!! I can understand multiplayer requiring Galaxy, I can take minor cosmetics requiring Galaxy, but I cannot ignore SINGLEPLAYER game requiring constant internet connection for such a huge part of the game!!! What is this, GOG?! I am deeply disappointed, and I think I was one of the more tolerant people towards your recent choices. Unless you make this right and remove the online requirement for SP, or remove the game from the store - no more cash from me. Not needing the internet to play SP is why I choose you over steam. Shame on you.
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I already have Hitman GOTY on Steam. Literally the only reason for me to buy it on GOG is if it were truly drm-free. Looks like it isn't. So, pass.
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I'll just add to the voices before me, this is a disappointing release.
I'd go so far and say the description is misleading as there is DRM.

Should the publisher/dev decide to take the authentication server down one day this game ain't worth shit. So much inaccesible content...
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Remove drm and I will get it.
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Wow, I knew sh*t would hit the fan sooner or later, but this was a colossal dump in a giant wind turbine.

It doesn't come as a surprise for those who weren't burying their heads in the sand. After a member of Gog's staff stated

All games available on GOG have offline installers available. We stay in touch with the partners and do our best to keep them up to date. However, video games continue to evolve with many titles offering online modes, cosmetics, and incentives for completing certain actions by players. This might be subjective, but as long as these additional features and rewards do not affect the single-player offline experience in a major way, we believe that the developers and publishers should be free to design and sell their games in a way they choose.
Lift summed it up best when he said:

now, that Ponczo has broken the silence, we have a clear statement: as long as the single player game isn't affected in a major way, GOG is OK with DRM. ... And what constitutes a major way is up to GOG or the devs to decide. I find it worrying that GOG doesn't say 'as long as the single player game isn't affected. Period.' ... no, reducing the single player experience in a minor or moderate way is officially OK. As long as it isn't 'major'.
Well, Good News™ ! Now we know that "major" extends farther than we ever imagined. BTW, does anybody here need a link for the Boycott thread?

(Edit: including a link to Lift's post)
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emme: Got the game open while offline, and this seems to indicate that sadly, yes... ALL the progression (challenges/mastery and inventory) is limited to online only.

This is beyond disappointing.
It is beyond despicible if you ask me.
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SmollestLight: Story and bonus missions can be played offline :) For Escalation missions, Elusive Targets or user-created Contracts you will need an online connection.
sh!t's f!cked yo. worth boycotting, though tbh I wasn't spending a ton of money here or on games in general
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Hitman is a really great game.
Yet like so many others. I already have this on Steam, I have Himan 2 on Steam.

Why would I buy this here on GOG, to just have the same game I have on Steam?
If I have to connect to IOI servers still, I might as well just keep playing the Steam version.

Nope, not until the always online is removed.