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Not to be confused with a meteor shower.

Set up a successful spacefaring company by blasting away the competition and navigating delicate trade deals in Helium Rain, now available DRM-free. Get it 30% off until February 1st, 2pm UTC.

In the vastness of space, getting your business off the ground is no easy task. You must keep an eye out for trading opportunities and profitable docking stations, push out the competition, and expand your fleet. Don't be afraid to get your blasters dirty in fast-paced skirmishes but try never to lose sight of the big picture.
Great game! I like the feel of the flight model. And as a long time flight and space sim player I find the docking symbology and procedure really intuitive. Manual docking is a pretty quick and fluid experience. You guys did a great job!
Alm888: Well, I don't know what potato you have to have in order to be unable to launch the game, considering it runs on my FX-8320E+GTX650 (12GB DDR3 thouth). :)
PoulVantera: Just for comparison it's running fine so far (no idea how RAM heavy late-game will be) on an Acer laptop with 5th gen i5 CPU and 840m GPU card... :)
It runs even decently enough on my 2012 i5 laptop with 8GB RAM and a 530M GPU so far. I’m in early game, though.
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