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A saucy tale both sweet and sour.

Heart of China is now available DRM-free, only on
A cinematic point-and-click adventure set in 1930s Hong-Kong, with all the B-movie stylings we've grown to love. After former ace pilot Jake "Lucky" Masters accepts a wealthy businessman's request to locate his abducted daughter, he finds himself tangled in a mystery involving dangerous women, challenging puzzles, exotic locations, a Chinese warlord, and quite a few dead ends.
None of the three Activision releases are available on the catalog. As a result, they can't be added to a GOGmix, as of yet.
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Nice influx of Good Old Games!
It's packed with DosBox, isn't it?
So where is Linux installer? :( If it's such a problem for some reason, please, GOG, just give us option to download game files and set up DosBox without work-arounds...
Aaaaaaaand bought. Thanks GOG.

Now PLEASE "EcoQuest 1+2" AND "Manhunter: New York" and "Manhunter: Las Vegas".

"Gold Rush" seems already to be incoming sooner or later... Thanks a lot. :)
Always nice to see old games coming to GOG, even if I won't be playing most of them!
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Nice game but it's Activision therefore no (even if existing) German version so unfortunately I'll skip this one. Same goes for Heart of China. It'S a shame since I liked both games but I don't want to support Activision with theit English only policy.
Lucky. Been long time. What Ho can do for you?
Oh, some of those games without gameplay (goes for for Rise of the Dragon too).
Even for the asked price nothing for me.
Great to see Good Old Game still coming to gog. Never played this one, but it looks quite interesting.
Whoa! this looks marvelous, never heard of it, wishlisted for the next time i get monies
high rated
FYI - the game runs on XP.

...and guys - don't forget to change music to MT-32 (provided you have MUNT installed)
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Very nice to see (more?) Dynamix titles on GOG. I never understood why these games were missing from GOG catalog.

Not sure I'll be buying this though. I have the retail floppy version, which is still installed on my PC and runs perfectly in DOSBox, so I guess the GOG version won't bring anything new to me. Same goes to Rise of the Dragon.

They are nice old adventure games though, so yeah buy them if you don't already have them. They are an important piece of PC gaming history. Will we possibly get Stellar 7 and Nova 9 at some point as well?

And like someone said, to fully appreciate these games, please install the Munt emulator and switch music to Roland MT-32. It is fully worth it, these games have great Roland music and sound effects.
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ciemnogrodzianin: It's packed with DosBox, isn't it?
So where is Linux installer? :(
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YES, definitely getting this one! That completes the adventure games made by Dynamix (I think?), hopefully we'll be seeing more of their catalog added later (particularly the Earthsiege/Starsiege games :-) ). Thank you so much GOG and Activision!