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A saucy tale both sweet and sour.

Heart of China is now available DRM-free, only on
A cinematic point-and-click adventure set in 1930s Hong-Kong, with all the B-movie stylings we've grown to love. After former ace pilot Jake "Lucky" Masters accepts a wealthy businessman's request to locate his abducted daughter, he finds himself tangled in a mystery involving dangerous women, challenging puzzles, exotic locations, a Chinese warlord, and quite a few dead ends.

...and purchased!
Post edited November 08, 2017 by tburger
What he said. ^^ :D
Wow great release! I don't remember if it was a great game, but i have good memories of playing it nearly two decades ago!
Pretty much :D
Thank you Activision and GOG <3 for another classic here!
I saw thumbnail and was like "did they restored Agharta - Hollow Earth" but it was different game, welp.
And reminded myself about The New Adventures of the Time Machine...
Guys, this is so good, I wanted both adventures. I will purchase as I will be back from Amsterdam. I have never played these Activision classics.
Never heard of this one, may have to pick it up just for that alone.
Incredible! I need this. <3
Delighted to see this here.
YES! Someone has been reading my wishlist. First Call of Cthulhu, now this. Thank you GOG! Instabought!
Never heard of this one or the other two games released. They are a bit too old for me to play but screenshots reminds me of some indiana jones movie.
Now this is what I call a good old game :)