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Brawn, brains, persistent blood stains.

<span class="bold">Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition</span>, the definitive package for the open-world, free-running zombie survival sensation, is now available DRM-free on with GOG Galaxy support for multiplayer, achievements and leaderboards, and a 17% launch discount.

As the light is dying, so are your chances of survival. A mysterious outbreak has turned a city's population into running, flesh-eating killers who grow severely more aggressive at night. You are also turned into a runner when your mission to retrieve some sensitive documents from the hopelessly infested city of Harran goes awry. Some people speak of a cure, some worship an aloof, self-proclaimed savior, and others fight each other for supplies or territory control. But all of them have one thing in common: they are constantly on the run.

Master the flow of your swift parkour moves and your weapon-wielding skills in order to stay alive. During the day the infected are less energetic, relying on their numbers to gang-up on you before you can scale the nearby building, overrun them with a buggy, or club them to death with your makeshift destructible weapons. But when darkness falls, the tables are turned: your enemies grow stronger, bolder, and terrifyingly more agile while unspeakable horrors crawl out of their daytime hibernation. Don't get followed or you may not live to see daybreak ever again.

Outmaneuver the flesh-eating hordes and escape your nocturnal pursuers before the <span class="bold">Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition</span> wanes completely, DRM-free on The 17% launch discount will last until March 23, 1:59 PM GMT.

The game is not available for purchase in Germany. There are legal restrictions that are beyond our control, and we're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Twitch alert

Want to see people desperately running away from the infected hordes? Tune in on and watch Memoriesin8bit and Outstar's co-op stream this Wednesday, March 16, at 9 PM GMT / 4 PM EST / 22:00 CET / 1 PM PST.
kero42: at this moment, if I was interested in playing Dying Light on Linux, I would need to buy on Steam.
JMich: FTFY.
Thanks :) I was trying to say several things at once, but the resulting sentence was not correct.

Let's try again: If I wanted to play this game on Linux (multiplayer or not), I would need to buy on Steam *because* of Galaxy features being supported. Adapting their program to support the Galaxy API is an additional burden on the devs, and more likely than not this will make them think twice about preparing yet another DRM-free version of the game "just" for the Linux users.
I'm happy to see this here DRM-free, but I think I'll wait to buy it when there's a Linux version here. GOG really needs to step up their Linux support.
It's an awkward time in gaming actually. For many of the same reasons DRM is unacceptable to me, Windows is increasingly unacceptable because of the way MS has been taking it. So both DRM-free and Linux are very important to me; it's a real pity to have to choose between the two with an available Linux version on Steam and Windows only on GOG. My only solution now is to wait and hope GOG sorts this out somehow so I can finally buy this game (and any others this applies to).
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Holy crap!!! Insta-buy!
Already have it on Steam, but re-buying for DRM-free version.
Not into MP, so that part doesn't matter to me.

More Techland stuff, please!
This is a nice surprise.
Only reason i haven't instabought this, is the absence of the Linux version.

C'mon gog, you can do better!
adamhm: *Very* interesting and would be an instabuy (two copies even), but... no Linux version again? Is the Linux version going to be released here too?
Again? Seriously?
The operating system with DRM gets the DRM-free game.
The operating system without DRM gets stuck with the game with DRM.

Come on GOG. I know it's up to the publisher to provide the Linux version but you could put more effort into getting that Linux version. This is happening way to often now. Take a lesson from Humble Bundle and insist on it, or don't offer their game for sale.

I'm not saying insist on it for games that don't already have a Linux version.
Yet another release without the Linux version which is available elsewhere.

And of course no comment from any Blue ...
Nice, but why wasn't this listed in the Upcoming tab? I imagine some will have bought the game on other platforms (PS4,Xbox One, Steam) before they see that it's being sold here on GOG.

Anyway, very glad to see Dying Light here.
shmerl: @Gersen: developers can't release the game without Galaxy, i.e. it's an implicit requirement. So DRM-free release is hindered.
No, it's not that devs cannot release the game without Galaxy it's that, as Galaxy API doesn't exists on Linux, releasing a custom build for Gog would require them more work (as they would need to disable the multi-player, disable achievements, etc...). Of course that's admitting that the theory mentioned earlier is indeed correct.

Personally I think it's more the good old case of ROI; Linux gamers are a minority, Gog users are also a minority, devs probably don't care enough about said double minority to spend time releasing/supporting a Linux build for Gog, Galaxy or no Galaxy.
Awesome! Its a welcome surprise! 

Thanks Techland.
shoveling: noice
This seems almost too good to be true. Personally I'm not that interested in the game, but as far as I know it was never released in Germany, so if Germans can buy it on GOG now without restrictions that would be a big triumph.
As happy as I am for this release... This game should have cross play.