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Brawn, brains, persistent blood stains.

<span class="bold">Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition</span>, the definitive package for the open-world, free-running zombie survival sensation, is now available DRM-free on with GOG Galaxy support for multiplayer, achievements and leaderboards, and a 17% launch discount.

As the light is dying, so are your chances of survival. A mysterious outbreak has turned a city's population into running, flesh-eating killers who grow severely more aggressive at night. You are also turned into a runner when your mission to retrieve some sensitive documents from the hopelessly infested city of Harran goes awry. Some people speak of a cure, some worship an aloof, self-proclaimed savior, and others fight each other for supplies or territory control. But all of them have one thing in common: they are constantly on the run.

Master the flow of your swift parkour moves and your weapon-wielding skills in order to stay alive. During the day the infected are less energetic, relying on their numbers to gang-up on you before you can scale the nearby building, overrun them with a buggy, or club them to death with your makeshift destructible weapons. But when darkness falls, the tables are turned: your enemies grow stronger, bolder, and terrifyingly more agile while unspeakable horrors crawl out of their daytime hibernation. Don't get followed or you may not live to see daybreak ever again.

Outmaneuver the flesh-eating hordes and escape your nocturnal pursuers before the <span class="bold">Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition</span> wanes completely, DRM-free on The 17% launch discount will last until March 23, 1:59 PM GMT.

The game is not available for purchase in Germany. There are legal restrictions that are beyond our control, and we're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Twitch alert

Want to see people desperately running away from the infected hordes? Tune in on and watch Memoriesin8bit and Outstar's co-op stream this Wednesday, March 16, at 9 PM GMT / 4 PM EST / 22:00 CET / 1 PM PST.
I was literally just thinking about this and Dead Island on GOG yesterday. I was asking,"Deep Silver is on GOG, why the fuck are Dead island and Dying Light not on here yet?" Well done Deep Silver and GOG!
Nice release GOG... Now, you just put Grim Dawn for sale and my day is done.

Regarding the Linux version, I read several articles that Linux releases on Steam are made easier through Steam API / libraries therefore requiring additional (probably significant) work from the developer to replace those by something platform independent.

Not being a developer or a Steam user or a Linux user, I really don't know if this is actually true or not but should it be, that would explain why so many Linux versions are not available here. That might be interesting if a developer could give us some feedback on that matter.
Grargar: Interesting! Is that the AAA game with full Galaxy support?
I think it's going to be a different one, since they mentioned a 'concurrent global release' for that one, which I take to mean the same date as other platforms.
Hmm. I was excited for a second. But then.

- No Linux version? Meh.
- Multiplay between Galaxy users only means I'll never co-op this with my sister (who uses Steam). Also, of course there's no loonix version of Galaxy.
- My PC wouldn't run it anyway.
- I'm starting to think I just need to quit buying games. Friggin games.
While not my cup of tea, this certainly looks like a nice addition to GOG's catalog.
devland: Why no Linux version? :(
Im asking myself the same since it has a Linux version on Steam for some time now.
Would have bought it if my PC could handle it... guess it goes on the wishlist until that happens.

But certainly a big surprise, and for once a good one ;)

Glad I didn't buy the base game on the holiday steam sale. I just assumed I'd be getting this version on this years holiday sale there...but this is much better.

So much better I'm willing to pay this price and do my small part in encouraging more big names/games to come here with their new(ish) games.

Don't give a crap about multi-player (I'm on dial-up!).

Anyway, bought! Now I just have to leave my laptop at a friends house to download the damn thing...
Dying Light on GOG + DRM-free? Unexpected release. Wow... O_O
catpower1980: O.H..M.Y..G.O.D......... o_O

Totally unexpected and would gladly buy it......

BUT....I actually bought Dying Light when it was out on the vapor website and had big framerate issues which I didn't succeed to fix so I had to refund it. Now, I see that on the concurrent website, there's also a demo for "The Following" edition and I'm gonna try it to check if I still have problems. So that brings 2 questions:

1. How is GOG refund policy regarding framerate issues?
2. For "demanding" titles like this, why don't you include the demo (when available) so users can "benchmark" the game?
Primo_Victoria: If I may, the draw distance setting affects frame rate drastically and makes very little visual difference.
mmmm, I think I remember that's one of the few settings I didn't change as the beginning of Dying Light was inside a building (thus, it shouldn't have drawn further than the interior walls). Anyway, I'm currently downloading the demo of The Following so I'll try to tweak every possible parameters to death :o)
Awesome release!

Since Techland is now here please bring the Call of Juares games too, not sure if Ubisoft needs to permit these though since they published 3 of them
Techland is the one publishing this? Uhm, interesting, i assumed it would be Warner Brothers since they "recently" joined the gog bandwagon
Crosmando: Is this the AAA game they were talking about?
If I understood correctly, the AAA they were talking about is supposed to be a day 1 release, with GOG getting it the same day as Steam and everywhere else, so probably not this one.
Grargar: Really? I I don't see it on Steam.

Hmmm, requirements do show Linux, but it looks like the Following expansion doesn't have Linux support.
adamhm: It's probably just a bug or oversight with Steam's store page. According to the articles on GOL The Following does have Linux support as well...
Friendly reminder that some Steam games may actually be Linux-compatible despite not having the damn SteamOS logo in their game cards (e.g. Project Zomboid)

I don't know whether that's the case with this game or not, though.
Forgot to mention, ++ for linux version. I'm not with ms anymore..