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Conquering galaxies far far away.

Distant Worlds: Universe is now available, DRM-free on with a 67% launch discount until December 26.
Welcome to a sprawling 4x space RTS-with pause filled with life, challenges, and opportunity. Galactic storms, alien civilizations, black holes, space pirates and monsters - they are all in a collision course with your ambitions, as you explore up to 14,000 star systems made up of 50,000 planets and make your own destiny.

Check out the rest of the Slitherine Ltd. space epics which arrived together with this at

Watch the trailer.
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HunchBluntley: Or a different one?
Likely this.
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HunchBluntley: Or a different one?
Grargar: Likely . <a href="" class="link_arrow"></a></div> At least I didn't guess [url=]this one. :P

EDIT: Oh, NOW what? I don't even know what the fuck is messing up the link & quote tags on this post. >:\
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HunchBluntley: Or a different one?
Grargar: Likely this.
That's the one.
Currently checking out the Ackdarians as a pre-warp democracy species in a custom game with cheap resources.
For the
Distant Worlds: Universe veterans: Back in the day, some people suggested starting by playing a single ship, then a fleet, then taking charge of more and more stuff up to a point when the player was comfortable. Do you think this advice makes sense with the Universe edition?
Unfortunately the game doesn't run in Wine or CrossOver. Would love to play.
IainMcNeil: The team are working on a sequel and this doesn't have any of those requirements so please don't pass on the game just because of this!
Well, might be I have to to pass on the game just because of this. As sad as it is.