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Phantom Doctrine is now available, DRM-free, on with 10% off until August 28th. Owners of Hard West on GOG.COM get an additional 5% discount. Buy the game before August 28th and get the game's artbook and soundtrack for FREE!

Heads up, operatives! Prepare yourselves for a turn-based conspiracy thriller set during an alternate history Cold War and prepare well - every piece of information can make a difference. Working unseen, you must organize, recruit, deceive and infiltrate, leading The Cabal against the dark forces who are plotting to control the world. When the bullets start flying, remember to keep to the shadows and leave no witnesses.

Within your copy of Phantom Doctrine, you'll find a manual, with all the details you need on how to play the game and get the most out of your agents. Do not overlook this valuable asset in the field.
aluinie: Just want to say thanks for releasing the game here. Just started to play and i can already see how much hard work you guys have done on it and cant wait to play a lot more of the game.
Hope it sells well for you as it is one game that really does deserve to sell well.
F4LL0UT: Thank you for the kind words. We really poured a lot of love and hard work into this game.

Anyway guys, we're watching and listening and already working on fixes for the most jarring problems (despite today being a national holiday!).

There's obviously a number of purely technical problems like crashes and such that did not occur on any of our test machines. We're already working on those.

Otherwise the biggest problem seems to be with the sidestepping mechanics which makes characters seemingly shoot each other through walls and such. I just wish to clarify that mechanically the shooting mechanics work perfectly fine and in accordance with what is explained in the tutorial - they work the same way for the player and the enemy. The shots mechanically occur between two tiles that are connected by a line of fire but there's some issues with the visualization (the target doesn't step out to the tile that we have the line of fire to). We're working on a fix for this and will release it ASAP in a patch.
Love this, both the clear information about what is going on and the work in progress for a patch.
I enjoyed Hard West and picked up Phantom Doctrine in large part based on that. I just have to say that even while I haven't had the chance to play yet I'm certain I don't regret the purchase of a game with this kind of communication and support backing it.
IFW: Please add the official manual to the downloadable extras of GOG users of the game - it's available on Steam...
While I can download it from there, if I update my offline backup of GOG games (e.g. using the clean operation will remove it, since it's not part of the official game downloads on GOG... and I don't want to redownload it over and over again from another location - and probably won't remember to do it anyway...

Thanks :)
This was added today :)
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Linko90: This was added today :)
You also might want to add the system requirements to the game card. It still says:
"Minimum system requirements - Windows: System requirements coming soon!"
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eiii: You also might want to add the system requirements to the game card. It still says:
"Minimum system requirements - Windows: System requirements coming soon!"
Oh yeah, thanks for bringing this to our attention!
Is this better than modded Silent Storm Sentinels ?