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<span class="bold">Block'hood</span>, a relaxing neighborhood-builder with a striking art style, is now available DRM-free on

If you were given all the necessary tools, would you manage to create an ecologically sound network of tenements that would never run out of resources and fall into decay? What would its inhabitants be like? Only one way to find out.
Coming out of In Development, Block'hood brings a 5-chapter story mode, alongside an increased number of blocks, optimized performance, and several gameplay improvements.

Watch the trailer.
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It does look nice... the question is, if there are future updates planned.
playing it right now

plays great but it's obviously a little strange. Going to take some getting used to.
Vythonaut: Also, glad to see now it comes with little people who populate the 'hoods you design. :)
One criticism I remember making when the in-dev was first available here was that it looked boring without people. I'm glad to see that has changed. However I must wait to buy it. I want (and need) a new graphics card. The specs for this suggest I would struggle to run it.
Is the game in english only or is there others languages available ?
On the gog game page only english is mentioned, though on the Steam page 9 languages seems available.

So which page is a lie :p ?
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What sort of game mechanics does this have? Is there challenge to it and is it possible to lose, or do you just sort of build and relax?
gamefood: This is made for students of architecture, right? ;)