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Open the window to your imagination.

Gorogoa is now available, DRM-free on with a 20% discount for the duration of the Winter Sale.
You're looking out to a dull cityscape on a gloomy day. Suddenly something colorful, almost magical catches your eye, and in a blink, it's gone. What was it? The mind races, imagination takes over and it starts forming images, associations, patterns, an adventure. Gorogoa's captivating illustrations, subtle use of music, and innovative puzzle mechanics make up the scrapbook of this adventure, which will tingle your senses in all the right ways.

You can also grab the game's atmospheric Soundtrack for your collection.
photogcyn: Even though I did the thing in Norton, Norton deletes the game everytime I click play--as a RED security risk. I fixed it the first time and played through two chapters and really enjoyed this different type of puzzle. I wish I could contine to play. sigh
You have to change some settings in Norton. Highly annoying.

You have to run the Norton settings panel as admin user, and change settings of Norton to only warn you on potential security threats - not automatically delete them.
Then you will get a popup message asking you what to do with Gorogoa - allow, or delete.

I had the same thing when I played yesterday but had my Norton settings already changed from default earlier, due to similar issues with other downloads.
Highly recommend aesthetically beautiful and accessibly heartbreaking. Really wish more games had a segment that had you achieve the closure instead of playing a video of how it ends. One critic said "at least it's short" as the only positive thing and most everybody else was upset it was so short, but I think the length is pretty perfect. Took me four and a half hours, I have no idea how you beat it in two.
It's really changed my graphic sense of the world and I'm glad the creator got it out there. Definitely needs to either become its own subgenre or at least spawn a few sequels. The perspective concept is too valuable to consign away to a single game. That guys art is really incredible though, but with the right people this could be done again.
The layered music was also ambitious but worked so well. Hopefully just the start for Jason Roberts. Would love to see something really dive into the melancholy of the game. It kind of mounted up over the course of it all, but then it would come back really strong out of nowhere. Which works in the game perfectly, but really wonder what he's going to do next. Not an easy act at all to follow.
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photogcyn: Even though I did the thing in Norton, Norton deletes the game everytime I click play--as a RED security risk.

delete norton, IT is a RED SECURITY RISK