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Very interesting for gamers

Thanks to the spambot who helped me find this video! Sorry for downrepping you anyway.
Art by Andy Ivanov

Facebook blocks Halloween photo because it offends anti-vaxxers

Be careful who you possess.

Cats may be liquid, but hips don't lie.

Kathryn Beaumont’s live action reference for Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Personality test


If you get caught masturbating and you stop then you're just the guy who got caught

Be yourself

The Bigar cascade waterfall in Caraș-Severin, Romania

Take a Chance?

Innocent whistling
So now they're catering to any crazy idea and trying to no offend even crackpots? :\

So cute..

viperfdl: Personality test
Even online tests have had enough with this infinity genders stuff.

That man speaks wise words, and made me laugh.

Nice find. true.

When you don't have money but you tell her you have a nice car.

Checkmate atheists

Accurate as hell, pun intended.

Mouth on trunk

Watch people die inside

Someone else's bad day wont fix yours, but the distraction might help.


Life lessons from Mom...
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Clueless CBS Host Schooled By Tulsi
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nice find
Other funny bits:

7:45, 8:45, 9:45, 12:25, 14:00 & 14:30, 15:20-15:35, 16:30, 21:00-23:40, 26:05, 43:50, 1:03:12, 1:15:15

(As always, this stuff is not have been pre-warned as to content, folks)
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A classic animated bit of nostalgia: (The link above starts a bit into the film at a nice song, but if you haven't seen it yet start it from the start instead)
Her reaction is priceless!
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Because cat.

Such a cutie

What if they had their eyes the same place we do?


Catch me if you can

Hail to the King

Some dogs for your day

Balloon animal wildlife documentary

Cute animals to brighten your day number 21 (Mixed)


Where's the problem?

*sensible chuckle*
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Different types of fighters

Disturbing and Fascinating. Deep Fakes Digital Manipulation. Will We Ever Be Able To Trust What We See And Hear Again?

What Demon sees

Ha ha....Great Result!

Just borrowing some butt tufts...

Why oven doors have locks

How to properly store aircraft

A Just Clause Santa Cause

What a tweeest

He can stay there forever.


Toxic Relationships
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