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Thanks for this thread. The most useful topic I have ever seen in the Internet at all))))
Surprise MotherF'ker Cat Burglar

This kitty's reaction to foot rub is neurotic and cute

Romance is dead..

Things don’t change that fast in Romania

Little jerk

You like that wouldn't you ?


Failing to Fail: The Spiderweb Software Way
This dad thought his daughter's shorts were too short, so he made his own pair to prove it.
Shrek Parody-(warning-8Chan Link)

it's the one with a rocketship in the thumbnail.
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Fluffy puppy malamute cuddle time
Either the dog is dead or in a state of shock...
Lets go on a spiralling adventure
Let's talk about 14 characteristics, 10 stages, and where you are....

Let's talk about why people believe conspiracy theories (and debunk one)....
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How Diablo was completely Reverse Engineered without Source Code
Everything is Samuel L. Jackson's Fault

Darth Vader Goes To Anger Management

The Lost Patrol - a Star Wars fan film
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Damn girl u got a nice....

Nobody is happy with their body it seems


Almost missed my cakeday, first favorite!
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Some Classics:

BBoy Junior

David Elsewhere 2001

David Elsewhere 2003

Old School Breaking
A short d&D post due to me being too busy playing D&d

Random dumpy
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Good on the resume or not?
Sad Captcha