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With the coming release of Pathfinder: Kingmaker fast approaching, developer Owlcat Games has been kind enough to open an invitation to GOG users to ask any burning questions they may have. If you’ve ever wondered anything about the celebrated pen & paper RPG transitioning from tabletop to the video game realm, now’s the time to ask!

Where do female Dwarfs come from? What makes a good bard? How evil can you be? It’s all a matter of asking!

Submit your questions in the official forum thread linked below and we’ll forward them to Owlcat games. Of course, we cannot promise we’ll get all your questions answered, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

The answers will be published at a later date on the GOG site and forums.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker releases September 25th, you can pre-order the Explorer Edition for the base game, or grab Imperial, Royal or Noble Edition for the juicy bonus goodies.
Hi Owlcat Games!

Can we have custom party members, like in the Icewind Dale and Pillars of Eternity franchises?

Would I have to know the pen and paper version of Pathfinder to really enjoy this game? Is there a tutorial and, if so, how extensive is it in exposing the player to the game's mechanics? How far can you fine-tune the pausing (after each action by each character/monster, after each turn, etc.)?
Do you plan to include the Spanish language at any time?
Linko90: How far can I go within the game with a smart mouth and no interest in fighting?
That's a good one.

Sometimes we want to be a...


Wandering monk (or a travelling apostle for your favourite faith)


Palmer / Beggar

Con man


Skald / Bard / Minstrel


Gambler (think Maverick)

Trucker (think Big Trouble in Little China)

Explorer (think Captain Richard Francis Burton, Vasco de Gama, Cook, Americo Vespuccio)

Travelling scientist/researcher (think Darwin, Herodotus, you name it)

Merchant (think Marco Polo, or just an itinerant salesman)

And so on and so on...

Titles such as Fallout as a classic, or The Age of Decadence recently, and probably more thoroughly, proved that a game can do a good effort to let you take the (game) world in your own terms--and maybe even succeed, or at least leave a beautiful mark in it... even if sometimes it is a silouette drawn with chalk on the floor ;-)
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Good morning Owlcat!

I have a few questions about Pathfinder: Kingmaker game.

1. Are you planning (in future after game release) add Polish language. I know it is only used in Poland but we have tons of cRPG players here who remember (and played back BG2 was on 5-6 CDs) Baldur's Gate, Fallout 1&2, Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale.
2. I have backed a game on Kickstarter 2 years ago. Will people who backed you guys receive the game key code at least 48hours before game releases?
3. Is there gonna be any pre-download before game oficially releases?
4. At what time exactly (on 25th of September) will game be released for STEAM and GOG?

Thank you in advance for any reply and answers. You guys are awesome and it is amazing to see yet another company in gaming industry, to release awesome cRPG. We need more of this sort of games. Thank you for all hard work guys :)

Have a nice day <3

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Hello, Owlcat.

Let's talk some numbers. :D
The game looks very ambitious, so I was wondering how many of the following are in the game (more or less):

- named NPCs
- unique items
- enemy types
- areas to explore (settlements / wilderness / dungeons ?)

Also, how much voice acting will there be in the game? Comparable to Infinity Engine games? More? Less?

Thanks in advance for the replies.
Any rouge-like elements? High replay value? Sorry not too familiar with the game, but it caught my interest....
How about additional languages ?

There is a huge demand for Polish, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

During the Kickstarter campaign, just after reaching the $500K threshold, it was announced that additional languages will be present in the stretch-goals.

However, it never came to life.
Why the developers didn't keep their word and have never published the promised stretch goals regarding additional language localizations ?

We’re prepared to announce additional stretch goals [...] we want more players to experience our game by adding additional language localizations [...]

Which languages will be available in the game?
We are planning to support English, German, French and Russian localized versions. Additional languages will be present in the stretchgoals.
We may add support for even more languages based on demand by our backers.

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I bought the baron package on kickstart last year is it the same as the noble package
I have a question, what could be done for the developers to decide to add Polish subtitles to the game.
I am referring to some motivation or showing that adding Polish subtitles will make sense and profit for them, which is why my question arose. What can we do to make this game crack?
To my head, something like "petition" comes in if there were a lot of people \ voices willing, maybe they would decide to make a translation in the near future.
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Why dosn't the Magus have access to the exotic weapons feat?

How come in the discription of the Sword Saint it clearly states "with light armor" yet they can't wear any armor?