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With the coming release of Pathfinder: Kingmaker fast approaching, developer Owlcat Games has been kind enough to open an invitation to GOG users to ask any burning questions they may have. If you’ve ever wondered anything about the celebrated pen & paper RPG transitioning from tabletop to the video game realm, now’s the time to ask!

Where do female Dwarfs come from? What makes a good bard? How evil can you be? It’s all a matter of asking!

Submit your questions in the official forum thread linked below and we’ll forward them to Owlcat games. Of course, we cannot promise we’ll get all your questions answered, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

The answers will be published at a later date on the GOG site and forums.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker releases September 25th, you can pre-order the Explorer Edition for the base game, or grab Imperial, Royal or Noble Edition for the juicy bonus goodies.
Outline your plans for post launch content (DLCs, expansions, free updates etc), please.
edit: Nevermind - already found the answer.
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If I have to choose between this one and any other current real time RPGs. What does this game offer that none other does, or the very least, offers it at higher/better level?
Will the game have multiple solutions to problems (I mean like actual multiple solutions) or will the quests be more linear?

Will there be an option to actually take an evil path, or will it end up having the actual same results as a good path? Will this change how the NPCs in the world view you? More than just a dialogue comment?
Can you please give us some info on future dlc?
Hi guys!

If I preorder the base game right now, will I be able to upgrade to imperial edition later on?

Thanks a lot!
Will keep an eye on this - didn't realize the release was right around the corner!
Has accessibility to players with disabilities been considered in the development in this game?

In particular:
* Is the game color blind friendly?
* Can the game be comfortably played with only one hand? (Related: Are the controls remappable?)
* Can the game be played and enjoyed with no audio? (In particular, is all the important dialog viewable as text (as opposed to dialog that only exists as voice acting)?
SeduceMePlz: Will backers receive keys for the GOG edition of the game matching (or most closely matching) their pledge tier? Will backer keys be issued before the release date?

Can we create a full party of adventurers without being punished with lower-level characters (compared to NPC companions) or expensive gold costs (that reduce our ability to buy items and invest in our strongholds)?

Will our strongholds be self-sufficient (perhaps with some investment), or will they be money sinks that constantly drain player resources (as in some Obsidian games)?

Will dark/grim/mercenary/evil characters be feasible, or will they be punished with higher prices, loss of quest rewards, or poor endings (as in some Infinity Engine games)?

Has the game been designed to be easily moddable?
Kickstarter backers from $20 up to $40 tier (not including) get Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Explorer Edition.
Kickstarter backers of $40 and $55 tiers have Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Noble Edition.
Kickstarter backers of $75+ tiers have Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Royal Edition

Not sure if this might answer some other questions
We know our alignment can change the look of our territory, but can we also upgrade structures? like wood walls into stone walls? assign archers to the walls? assign knights to patrol the town? If possible I'd love to see upgradable houses like taverns, blacksmiths, tailors, pharmacies and such. Our subjects deserve the effort and money.
Will there be Achievements? Full Galaxy support?
Is there an editor, or chance of one, so people can make their own adventures a la NWN?
1. Will be a Portuguese translation in near future?
2. We know that we have chance to make romantic duo in game, with at least 4 diferent characters, but all linked to a specific gender. Will have any GLBT character in near future, or romantic interations with same gender characters?
3. Any chance to create an entire party of player's character created?
4. Will have any way to create magic items like in the tabletop game? (like scrolls, potions, wands, magic armors and weapons?)
Mawthra: Will there be Achievements? Full Galaxy support?
And another question:
For someone who has never played the tabletop game and doesn't know the lore of this world, how much is explained within the game itself? Is the plot connected in any way to the tabletop game or the comics or is it completely separate? Is there any book or comic that you think is important to read before playing?

Also, do you plan to add the Italian translation?
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I understand player will be able to build parts of his town/city. To what extent? Will there be more management, as in decisions in economy, security, drafting population to army, assigning characters to developing something etc.? Could you describe a little bit more of this part of the game?
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