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Why bother posting about DRM-free and GOG versions on Paradox forums? I posted a few years back and the response is equivalent to asking a wall for biscuits.

I love all their games especially the grand strategy ones and Cities Skylines, really hope they bring the newer ones to GOG. I hate their bullshit about being DRM-free advocates then go pro-steam because of the Gamersgate too low sales, lazy to put patches in manually crap. Come to think of it, it's infuriating in a way. So I don't really think about it.
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*shrug* Well, the game already sold 250,000 copies on Steam so obviously they don't need GOG sales. Gotta decide for yourself how important this game vs. always standing up for DRM-free is.

For instance I recently redeem a Humble key for the Humongous Entertainment Complete Pack on Steam, but I don't plan on getting anymore games there EDIT: Okay, maybe the Jackbox Party Pack when it's on sale. Last night got Undying here of course.

Life ain't black and white, it's grey, 50 shades of it.
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tfishell: obviously they don't need GOG sales.
Yep. I will respect that. More money in my credit line.
Sold 500k copies! :) Even though it's a Steam exclusive, I and I think other GOGgers gotta give props to the devs for picking up where Maxis fell off, and doing it so much better apparently.