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perhaps my luck will change this time round ^^ I would really LOVE a copy of OIL RUSH. If anyone is feeling generous and has a copy from the HB 8 or from other sources, I would really appreciate it.
YellowAries: Should anyone have a spare key for either of these games I would greatly appreciate it if you could send one my way.

Nethergate: Resurrection
The Ship

Edit: I can also sort out some form of compensation for the near future in return.
Still looking for "The Ship"?

edit: enjoy :)
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Repost 3: A valley without wind 1 & 2 would be awesome! :D just a bump
and War of the roses if someone got an extra copy from Paradox as well while its on sale
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Nevermind on the Penny Arcade Precipice of Darkness, i got 3 & 4 on Steam.

Still wanting Killing Floor and Mirror's Edge.
It has gotten to the point where I am willing to do anything for Shadowrun Returns. I wanted to be a backer but I could never justify the purchase with the wife. Now that it's going to be released soon, I still want to show my support and preorder the game.

I've even replayed both Shadowrun games on the SNES and Genesis in the past few months (thanks emulation).
I know this is a long shot but I decided to post it anyways. Well, everyone seems to be enjoying Monster Loves You! lately, specially with the addition of Steam Cards so if someone feels like throwing a copy at me I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
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Witchers are on sale on Steam this weekend..yummee!

If you feel your wallets are too heavy for their own good, I'd be happy to oblige ;P
If anyone has a spare X Superbox ...
I'm looking for Gnomoria, which is $4 on Steam right now, if anyone is feeling generous.
gotta post I spose..
Sword of the stars I and II from the IG if they will take up your space..
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Just repost of my wishlist:

- Mirror's Edge
- The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition
- Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC
- Hearthfire - Skyrim DLC
- Civilization V: Gods & Kings DLC

Also, if some1 won at lottery: rFactor 2 ^^
buckstone: Star ruler
Every one needs a ruler
buckstone: Star ruler
samlii: Every one needs a ruler
Not the anarchists, they need a compass...

thanks samlii ;p
Just looking for these if someone has the extra keys

Lucius key
Proteus key
Hotline Miami key
Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection *Edit* was given to me by cstiffler thank you again

And this would most awesome Akaneiro: Demon Hunters on Steam for $10, reminds me a little bit of Okami which was an amazing game.
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