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Aniki: I'd like a copy of Galactic Civilizations

Post edited February 18, 2013 by samlii
I'd like a copy of doom 3 pack (steam) if anyone got any to spare.
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Aniki: I'd like a copy of Galactic Civilizations
samlii: Done

Do you have another one? :)
I'm slipping this one again. Promo is almost done.


It would be nice and I'd appreciate it. :D
If anyone get me css, or complete if you are really kind, I would greatly show you my gratitude! It's almost over!
I am looking The Whispered World if anyone happens to have an extra code.

Thank You
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Is there anyone interested in some paysafecard restmoney?

As I will change my payment-method and dont intent to stock up my paysafewallet anymore, I have 4 paysafecardslips with restmoney for about CHF 4,68 being about 5 USD. Not much, but it may help you stocking up your own paysafecard restmoney to buy something you haven't actually enough.

I can't guarantee, that it works, I have bought those coupons in Switzerland and don't know, if they work when entered in an other country. All slips are already used and contain only small amounts. Please be also aware, that there are countries (for example Germany) where stacking up paysafe-codes is not possible.

If you're interested, please pm me, first come first serve.

Rome: Total War

Thanks in advance!
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Anyone have a spare Galactic Civilzations 1 key?
If any1 have code for Tera EU that give "Veteran User" account status, and don't need it, I can give it a good home :)

Apart from that, my standard wishlist:
- Hearthfire (Skyrim DLC steam)
- Civilization V: Gods & Kings expansion (steam)
- Borderlands 2 (steam) :O
- Far Cry 3 (steam) xD
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Just thought id leave this here:
Feeling the need for some classic gaming.
Thanks for even reading.

aliens versus predator classic 2000
Lara Croft and the guardian of light
delta force land warrior (or that bootcamp set! - Might be able to trade for this at a later date )
lunar flight
ace of spades
system protocol 1
stealth bastard deluxe
echo tides of time (the dolphin game!)
bob came in pieces
alien hallway
hawk 2
Red Alert 3

E: samlii is the most awesome person ever! thank you ever so much!
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Never mind. :)
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adambiser: Does anyone not want their "King Arthur: Fallen Champions" key from IndieGala?

I'm also interested in the "Dead Legions DLC", but I'm guessing that it's on the same key as "King Arthur II" in which case, I would prefer not to waste the key.

It's all in a single "King Arthur Collection" key, sorry.
Shiuman: It's all in a single "King Arthur Collection" key, sorry.
They bundled all the King Arthur stuff into one key?
Thanks for letting me know. I'll clear my post then.