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Building castles in the sky.

No Man's Sky, the ambitious open-space exploration game in a procedurally-generated universe, just received a massive update appropriately named NEXT.

It brings a whole bunch of changes and additions across the board, most notably:

- Option to switch between first and third person view at will
- Visual upgrades to ships, NPCs, buildings, terrain textures, space vistas - pretty much everything
- You can now build far more complex bases anywhere on the planet
- Build your own fleet, upgrade it, and send it out or keep it close while exploring a system

The multiplayer element of NEXT is not yet included in the DRM-free edition of the game. Read more about the delay below:

"[i]From launch, the DRM-free edition of No Man's Sky will include all single-player content introduced by NEXT: third-person mode, upgraded visuals, better base building, player customization, and more.

However the multiplayer component will not be ready at launch; we expect it to be released later this year as full multiplayer parity remains in the pipeline.

For a small, independent studio, developing the feature across multiple platforms is a hugely ambitious and technical challenge which resulted in this delayed release. Hello Games is however joining forces with GOG.COM to introduce full multiplayer via the GOG Galaxy platform.

We appreciate your immense support and patience.

- Hello Games & GOG.COM Team[/i]"
clarry: Pardon my short memory, what did Chucklefish do again?
I don't know what they're referring to with the 2+ years bit, but at least one thing they did was announce Wargroove for release here and when release day came it didn't arrive. It just stayed "coming soon" until last month when they announced that it wasn't coming here ever. I'd say they only strung us along for about 7-8 months in that instance though. It's possible supernet2ec is talking about a different incident.
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supernet2ec: chucklefish who jerked around the user basis for 2+yrs stringing us along until their guilty conscious forced them to be honest about it all.
clarry: Pardon my short memory, what did Chucklefish do again?
Moved Most of the dev team to other projects during the massive cash infusion from Starbound project, lied to their community about where devs were, made excuses by excuses i mean not telling the actual truth, that they just moved devs to other projects and that starbound development was slowed down significantly because of this, not telling the actual story after it was uncovered through basically just trial and error of identifying the projects they were working on and where folks were. Also shorted devs that did work on their game starbound meaning no financial credit, or credibility, but used their work, their assets, their code with out any monitary compensation. Thats just a portion, the other part was basically taking folks mods, and integrating it into the game, after slightly reworking the content, IE stolen work, then again if you change it just enough so its not stolen i guess its credible. Multiplayer mod that had some code utilized the modders worked on to make mp a functional thing before it was actually integrated into the game (starbound specifically during the 0.5 builds).

To much to go into, so inshort, just be straight forward with if its happening and what the plans/timeline is and keep the community updated, thats what they (chucklefish inc) failed to do until being hounded constantly on the steam platform. I dont think No Man's Sky by Hello games stole anything like what chucklefish has done though. Just using them as the easiest example of a big no no, next to Mighty No 9. and its PR cluster of a joke. So much to say.

How im relating this to chucklefish as a whole, is the whole starbound situation ontop of the No mans sky multiplayer update vaguely stating the same thing about it will be incorporated. Like how When they, hello games had a interview, they tried dodging and lying about the multiplayer component, until they realized after so much massive heat that, it was a bad decision to not incorporate it, so they actually finished it and got it implemented. I believe they will but i just want clarity on whats going on with it. , more like a generalized update of were at this point in the project and its delayed but it has not stopped being worked on so to say. Thats what i mean.

Give us a update on the Multiplayer DRM free side of things because hacking in a multiplayer component to make the game run how i want on a lan i feel is unneccessary unless its a guarenteed abandoned endevour. Even more so with it being advertised with such but not having it. Things were changed or edited after the whole statement so thats where im coming from.

Have to give credit where credit is do, at the end of the starbound absurdities, it came out better, but the major poor ai spawning code that causes issues on a variety of high end and mid range gaming hardware is where they are still to date dropping the ball. I gave up on creating personal mods to correct these issues. To messy to deal with the game.

Also, they did get a good chunk of what was mentioned in the original road map planning rso theres that, ontop of the platforms they released on, its just the fact it took them so long to be straightforward and state the facts, their having a hard time with it. I think the biggest thing to notice is that chucklefish regarding starbound, finally came out with what was stalling the process and actually started communicating with the community instead of running from being honest with the updates, or in us beta players cases, no updates even when updates were pushed out. They made great use of the beta channel update platform though. Just still though. jeeze shouldn't need that much community outrage on their forums, steam forums, iirc, discord, and on twitter to even get any type of information/updates.
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Its may 6th 2021. What is going on with DRM-free multiplayer situation? I've seen no new news of it at all. Can i be pointed into the direction of whats going on if there is any regarding DRM-free MP?
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Its April 9th 2022. Any update on drm free MP component?
supernet2ec: Its April 9th 2022. Any update on drm free MP component?
Nope, haven't heard a thing. Zilch. Nada. Rien. нічого. なし.

I'll let you know if I ever hear anything about it. If not, then you will not be hearing from me. Total silence.
supernet2ec: Its April 9th 2022. Any update on drm free MP component?
yea about that i guess as early 3022?.
supernet2ec: Its April 9th 2022. Any update on drm free MP component?
Pretty certain we've already got what they meant by "DRM-free multiplayer". At the time this news post was made, the GOG version didn't have any kind of multiplayer option, so what they were referring to is the Galaxy-powered multiplayer we eventually got.
Now I half assume you already know that and are feigning ignorance to make a point. I agree that they shouldn't have referred to multiplayer that requires Galaxy as "DRM-free multiplayer", but I do believe they have delivered what they intended to deliver.

Rather than pretending you're still waiting, it would be more constructive to contact Hello Games and ask for a multiplayer option that doesn't use Galaxy. It's unlikely to get you what you want, but I think it's probably more constructive than bumping this thread and asking for something which, as far as they are concerned, they have already delivered.

I agree with your point, but not necessarily your approach. :)
supernet2ec: Have to give credit where credit is do,
Where credit is do[ing] what?
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