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Maighstir: I don't remember ever managing to get into Selenitic Age myself - only seeing pictures and descriptions in magazines. Yet I remember getting to Atrus and ending the game (later, when I had access to the web, that is - whatever walkthroughs and puzzle solutions I found still didn't get me into Selenitic though).
Darvond: Well, that's part of the beauty. You can solve Myst in 5 minutes, but what's the fun in that? I think I got into it in RealMyst using a picture guide, but that doesn't work in RM:MM.
What annoys me is that even with the guide, I couldn't get into Selenitic.

Also, while the puzzles are fun (when I manage to solve them), what I really enjoy is the world (or worlds), which is why I not only play the games but read the books as well. Same with Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and other fantasy/sci-fi universes I come across - gameplay is secondary to knowledge. I have world/rulebooks for multiple pen-and-paper RPG's that I haven't yet played, but got them (and frequently pick them up to read bits) because the world is interesting, and I sometimes to use cheats or walkthroughs when I get annoyed because I can't manage on my own, in order to go further to learn more of the story and world. I still want to get into Selenitic because I want to see it for myself, not being content with videos.
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Darvond: Hear this out (...)

To a further point, might I inquire as to what felt off about Masterpiece Edition?
Hm yes guess back then games weren't really made with something like color blindness or deafness in mind, a (discrete) hint or alternate solution system would be helpful. On the other hand, its a lot easier today to just look up the answer online anyway, dunno if its worth the development effort, for remakes and remasters at least.

About the realmyst Masterpiece Edition:
The asset quality was very uneven, some looked improved, others looked like straight out of the original realMyst. Its even more obvious with the texture quality, some are relatively high res and others look really blurry. Either one would work together with others in the same quality but mixed like that it really sticks out. It has that "slapped together in Unity" look to me, like some of those Indie games that it was used for.
Also the plants looked terrible, the trees on Myst island look like miniatures and the leafs in channel wood comically big.
Might not be fair to whoever developed it, I bet the budget and/or dev time wasn't all that high for it, but some things, like the lighting/mood changes were probably deliberate, so.. yes, somehow I don't like it.

Everything I've seen from Starry Expense looks gorgeous for example, but of course they're taking their time with it.