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Have you tried A Hat in Time already?

Our friends at NexusMods have been kind enough to highlight the best mods you can possibly want for this glorious platformer. The timing couldn’t be better, as the game is currently available at -40% during our Summer Sale Festival!

Follow along!


Can't get enough of A Hat in Time? Wish there was more content to play? Over at Nexus]”>Nexus[/url] Mods we host over 100+ free to download mods including new hats, levels, dyes and more. Plus, with Vortex]”>Vortex[/url], our powerful open source mod manager, modding has never been easier. Vortex gives you the power to download, update and toggle your mods on the fly. You can check out some of the top picks from our community below!

Hats and Costumes

Pajama Costume and Pillow Weapon - by Jawchewa

Hat Kid is ready for a slumber party on her spaceship with the super adorable pyjama costume by Jawchewa. It comes with a pillow weapon too. Pillow fight!

Radar Hat by ajcomics

Ever find yourself having a hard time locating those last few collectables? The Radar Hat by ajcomics uses the power of science to pinpoint the location and type of collectable you're missing.

Maps and Levels

The Tale of Queen Vanessa by Camb0t - DanielCNR - Werti - Voidspartan

You might've read the Tale of Queen Vanessa, but have you lived it? This excellent time rift, created by the collaborative efforts of Camb0t, DanielCNR, Werti and Voidspartan, lets you play through several scenes in her story, with some great puzzles and an incredible soundtrack!

Ace Attorney - A Hat in Crime - Case 2 - A Mafia Styled Turnabout by Elsie - LCL

A thrilling sequel to A Hat in Crime Case 1, Hat Kid is contacted by a Mafia who was framed for murder! Solve puzzles, interview witnesses and collect clues to help solve the case. Will they go down? Will Hat Kid save the Mafia? It's up to you in this multi-stage level by ElsieLCL!


Skeleton Kid by Camb0t

Skeleton Kid by Camb0t is a spooky costume for spooky playthroughs. Compatible with both Hat Kid and Bow Kid for some creepy co-op fun.

Rainbow Peace by Heavy

Everyone loves rainbows! This dye by Heavy makes you flash rainbow colours and leave a cool trail behind you. Unlockable from Time Rift Roulette.


Staff of Pixelation by Starschulz

Hat kid gets a magical staff with the power to explode your defeated enemies into a cloud of pixels. One of Sharshulz's high-quality mods!

Extra Mod

Silph Co. Fan Pack by Shararamosh

If you like Pokémon and A Hat in Time, the Sloph Co. Fan Pack by Shararamosh could be for you! This mod contains 20 flairs based on some of your favourites from the iconic series.


I tip my hat to you, fellow platformers gamers at NexusMods! And to you, dear GOG users, scroll back up and pick some of these mods to enhance your own experience. You can also see even more A Hat in Time mod at us, it’s worth it!
A mod in time keeps things interesting...
I don't own the game (yet) but it's really cool to see you sharing mods for it :)
Funny thing is we still don't have the ability to actually create mods as far as I know. Only Steam users do.
What a kick in the balls if you consider that the GOG version has still no modding tools.
Yeah, to helle with us lowly gog users, we paid the same amount of money for the same game, yet the devs have strung us along for too long, this is really bitter, and not so sweet!
I'm not too interested in this particular game, but I love these mod highlights, thanks!

PS: And of course it'd be nice if any missing features would be added to the game