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Modding is...
It's one of the things that defines PC gaming – keeping our favorite games alive (and better!), bringing us together as a community, a way to explore our passions, sometimes an open door into the industry of our dreams.

So it only stands to reason that Nexus Mods – the biggest, most active modding network out there right now – has a very special place in our hearts… The Nexus Mods site has just undergone a huge redesign and we took the occasion to say thanks to the PC gaming community together!
Check out the letter to the community below, and drop by /r/PCMasterRace to enter the massive Game & Gear giveaway where you can win from among $3,000 worth of games, as well as hardware and gear from MSI and CORSAIR!

One more thing, from all of us to you: stay great, stay passionate, and keep modding on! <3

A message from Nexus Mods

In celebration of our new site design, we have teamed up with, MSI, Corsair, and PCMasterRace to share our love for PC gaming worldwide through a massive giveaway! Before we get into the juicy details though, I wanted to take a quick trip down memory lane and look at some of the previous designs we've used at Nexus Mods before reaching this point.

See the news for more

Throughout all the various names and aesthetics of this site, our community has always been a driving force in our success. It is your passion and dedication that keeps us going and allows us to continue growing. Which brings me to the point of this little stroll down memory lane!

As I mentioned at the start, we have joined forces with some great companies in the gaming world to bring you a chance to win some incredible loot. We feel we've picked companies that shared a similar mindset to our own.

The folks over at were immediately on board with the cooperation. Modding wouldn't be possible without the freedom to do what you want with the games you own, and it's a great way to get involved and explore your passion for gaming. These are ideas both GOG and Nexus Mods very firmly believe in.

Similarly, CORSAIR and MSI were both excited to work with us and have made offerings that are more than generous. CORSAIR is offering a full peripheral set to bring glory to your gaming setup, and MSI wants to help bring your system into the modern age with a few serious hardware upgrades.

Finally, we have decided to host the event on the PCMasterRace subreddit to reach an even bigger audience of PC gaming enthusiasts. Modding is a hobby with its roots dating back to some of the earliest PC games. While the use of mods has recently opened up to other platforms, on no other platform can you dig into a game's engine and bend it to your will like you can on the PC, and the PCMasterRace subreddit is chock full of posts that elevate our favorite platform.

This is more than just a celebration of our new design. It is a celebration of modding and PC gaming as well!

Thank you for all your support over the years. We look forward to providing a place to share and discuss mods for many more years to come. Head on over and enter the contest for your shot at some glorious prizes!
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nvali: Who is this 'everyone'? Every PC game, in this day and age, is connected to digital distribution, except the ones that aren't available for purchase online (meaning old games or games stuck in licensing hell), which will maintain all their mods on sites like moddb anyway.

If every digital distribution would (hypothetically) implement direct mod support, sites like moddb would still be used by moders who want as much coverage as possible and for games not buyable online out of various reasons (see above.).

The only major community of non-users of digital distribution are pirates, who's opinion on the situation should count for little, no matter their reasons for pirating games.
Tarhiel: 'Who is this 'everyone'?'

Every PC gamer, who´s interested in having their game modded, regardless of where they obtain the game.

What you´ve just used is an universalistic argument - you are saying that since every game is connected to digital distribution nowadays, if every digital distribution would implement mod support, then this would be the best model.

That premise falls apart in two places:

- every game is connected to digital distribution nowadays - You actually noticed this yourself by saying that old games would be left out of equation. Not only old games, but also physical copies of many games (regardless of whether it is possible to obtain them digitally or not) would. Not to mention this very site is based on foundation of giving old games back to circulation (meaning selling) - old games, which many of their right holders didn´t believe to be interesting anymore (either to them or players - take note of NightDive Studios´s struggle to obtain NOLF rights). These games wouldn´t be playable anymore and would be slowly lost in time (like tears in rain), if an avid community wouldn´t make unofficial patches/mods, which many time involved dubbing into "pirate" practices (reverse engineering, etc...) - so I wouldn´t condone pirates and their opinions so flatly.

- if every digital distribution would implement mod support - that´s the point, they won´t, because for many of them it´s not feasible (too expensive). There are many digital distributions - Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, GreenMan Gaming, etc... if every single one of them had their own solution to mod support, modding would become scattered and hard to update (imagine you would want your mod be present on all the sites, where given game is being sold - again, that would lead to delays in updates of your mod and some distributions would be preferred before others - most probably Steam and GOG).

Now wouldn´t it be better if there would be place, where mods would be available for everyone, and not just for some users? I don´t know, places like moddb or Nexus?

Please note, that Bethesda DOES try to monetize their mods, which was predicted immediately after they announced they want their own mod place.
And since gamers went bonkers over this, and rightfully so, they said it´s not actually mods they´re paying for.
What´s gonna stop them from putting a small legal notice to their EULA next time of exclusivity for a certain time for mods hosted on their servers or banning outright putting it anywhere else, unless the creators wanna get paid?
Take note of that, because that´s the most probable path it will go, if everybody would like to have their own little place full of mods.

The mod community grew because it is free - and I would like it to stay that way.
I agree. I wish I would see it before that they are going to monetize mods, I wouldn't be so naive. Now the question is where Nexus will head to with their popularity. MODDB is not really advanced and the biggest strength of Nexus was their own Nexus mod manager closely connected to the site - not everyone have that possibility. There was another more advanced Mod manager, which didn't have it and it was forgotten.

And I didn't use Steam workshop because it is clunky.
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That graphics card would be awesomly overkill for my needs. (^up^)
richlind33: If you really wanted to keep favorites alive, you wouldn't take them off the store and bundle them with overpriced "enhanced" editions.
tfishell: Is that GOG's fault or Beamdog's?
An agreement only goes into effect if both parties agree to it, so it's impossible for either party to be 100% responsible.
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richlind33: If you really wanted to keep favorites alive, you wouldn't take them off the store and bundle them with overpriced "enhanced" editions.
EndlessKnight: I too, loathe it when that happens, but that seems more the choice of the publisher and not very much under the control of GOG. At the end of the day, we still have some form of the game available DRM-free. It's not entirely what I would hope for, however.

I suspect that GOG is walking a tightrope with certain companies, trying to get them to accept the risk of no DRM on newer games and they may not wish to dictate too many terms to a publisher. It can't be easy for GOG, trying to please both their customers and publishers. This doesn't mean that it is something that we should accept without complaint, but it's probably good to keep in mind the situation that GOG is in. They do give away free games when they can and have often included upgraded versions of games for free, so we know they at least try.
If GOG keeps getting into bed with mangy, flea-bitten mongrels, sooner or later it'll become one, too.
So many games have been saved by mods hosted on Nexus.
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I really love both of these sites but.. I have to say, I'm not really a fan of Nexus' visual redesign... :x Maybe I just gotta get used to it, but for whatever reason it feels slower and more difficult to use than before.
Who won ? There are no winners announced yet ?

1. Competition Duration and Deadline.
From the Opening Date (Monday, Nov. 27th 2017) to the Closing Date (Sunday, Dec. 3rd 2017) inclusive.

4. Prize conditions. [...]
The name(s) of the winner(s) will be made available on written request for 1 month after the Closing Date on (, (, and the PCMasterRace subreddit ( . The decision of the Promoter is final.[...]
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zielonymlotek: Who won ? There are no winners announced yet ?
Look here.