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Recently dug up the Zero Signal and Body Hammer instrumentals by Fear Factory from the old days. Excellent stuff.
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Hardly new, but I've been listening quite a bit to Mortemia lately, the solo project from Morten Veland, of Tristania and Sirenia fame. Musically it harkens back to his Tristania days. And I'm a sucker for choirs.
I so do miss head bangers ball on MTV.

I'll just add this: TURISAS - Battle Metal 2008 (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Korpiklaani! =)
metalhead joining in

let's get serious for once: Hellyeah - Hell of a Time
One of the most overlooked bands in the history of metal: Witchfinder General
Some death-trash metal with Riffs:

Deathchain - Panzer holocaust

Deathchain - Deathrash Legions

electronic-industrial metal mix:

Turmion Katilot - Grand Ball

Turmion Kätilöt - Verta ja lihaa (with english subtitles)

2 Times Terror - Ikävässä Paikassa

2 Times Terror - Metalorgy

-> 2 Times Terror is side project of the singer of Turmion Kätilöt and his wife(on the music video!)

Primate: Korpiklaani! =)
Korpiklaani is one damn alcohol oriented band - nothing bad with that ofcourse ;)
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One for the industrial fans!

Another lot from York: DIGICORE

Used to do a lot of work with these guys. Currently signed to Armalyte Industries. Video by a coupla mates of mine!
So, there was this band here, and they were awesome. It's a shame they shutted down after two albums.

Akashic - Veiled Secrets
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Still going strong with Black Sabbath.
10 days to go, and then I'll be right up front watching them :D
IOSYS - Jeux Interdits
When I think Metal I think: Motorhead, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Witchfynde, with the bonus that the current line-up is also the most classic that recorded "Cloak And Dagger", (all from Britain) Riot (RIP Mark Reale), Iced Earth, Suicidal Tendencies (punk crossover), Cro-Mags (another punk crossover), Anthrax, Slayer, (the original, not the glorified tribute band out there now) Metallica (not including everything from the Black album through Reload), Megadeth (when they're not playing lame pop) and Overkill (All from the USA), Accept with UDO, Scorpions, (From Germany), Krokus and Killer (From Switzerland) Exciter (From Canada) and so many others.
When I think classic metal, it's Black Sabbath, BOC, Judas Priest, Deep Purple (hard rock but definitely important in the creation of metal, and so many other proto-metal bands.)
Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, however, are not Metal any more than the Beatles were metal.
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Dead End Finland - Season Of Withering
ZapMcRaygunn: Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, however, are not Metal any more than the Beatles were metal.
I mostly hear something like Led Zep were the godfathers of HM or some such statement like that, I think it's probably down to Communication Breakdown, which was a prototype of HM (imo), but I don't think I ever heard of them described as a HM band.

Must check out some of the names you mention, Witchfynde, Krokus, Killer and Exciter, never heard of them :)