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Melodic Death/Doom
Rapture - Someone I (Don't) Know
Carcass - Surgical Steel. Finally gave this one a go. Maybe not a masterpiece, but I say this is a valid comeback, it is going in my regular rotation no doubt.
The Last Ninja
Saxon - Kingdom of the Cross

"Lest we forget"
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Pillorian "Obsidian Arc"

one of those catchy songs that you don't want to sing out loud in a public space :P
Some good summer "sunny day" listening; very 80's shred by Ethan Meixsell. Good for fans of old Joe Satriani :
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Made of Metal - Dream Evil
Gene Simmons lost his bid to trademark the horns hand gesture when the University of Texas was able to prove they have been using it since the 1950s.

I love Gene and I am a proud member of the KISS ARMY, but I gotta laugh at this one. XD Seriously Gene, why not just try to trademark waving, the middle finger, the thumbs up? :P

Oh wait. Roger Ebert actually did trademark the thumbs up. :D