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fr33kSh0w2012: I've just watched This
fr33kSh0w2012: I've just watched This
Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This was far better than I honestly expected it to be. It finds a decent balance between humor and darker-ish tone that doesn't feel like it overstays its welcome.

The only thing I really had trouble liking was that, at times - particularly the Arkham segment - it felt like the film could have just as easily been chopped into a mini-series and aired on television. It just doesn't seem like a cohesively stitched together idea, even if the end result is still completely watchable otherwise.

I also enjoyed the little easter eggs and other nods toward previous TMNT and Batman media.
TheMonkofDestiny: Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
I don't even like the Ninja Turtles, and I was still impressed with how much fun this was, and even more with how dark it got at times. And most of all - the fight scenes were bloody spectacular. I don't often say that of animated films, but here it's absolutely true, with no hyperbole. The first Batman vs Shredder fight was superbly well choregraphed, and it felt quite brutal, and the Turtles vs Ra's al Ghul at the end was almost as good.

If anyone told me before that Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be the best animated feature from DC in years I'd call them crazy. Turns out it is, and I'm actually wating for a sequel. I mean sure, it's not a great film the way some animated Batman films were in the past, but it's a ton of fun.

I just wish a similar deal could be worked out to give us an adaptation of the Batman vs Predator comic.
Tweety's High-Flying Adventure

As much as it pains me to write it... this thing stunk. For a direct-to-video movie, I wasn't necessarily expecting much but for something featuring Looney Tunes characters I was expecting better than what it was. A lot of wasted potential and just a completely dull take on Around the World in 80 Days. It was great to hear characters voiced by actors that have since passed (Alaskey, Foray, Freberg - all legends and none of them phoned it in for this, even though they most certainly could have) but that hit of nostalgia wears off quick.

I guess the whole push for new Looney Tunes shorts on the HBO streaming platform kicked loose a desire to revisit certain things and I realized "here's something I never saw" when it came to this movie. I can say I've seen worse, but it's depressing to see just how much charm this thing lacked on the whole.
I've just watched King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

Despite the many negative reviews the movie had been getting, for me the movie was quite an entertaining and enjoyable experience.
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I've just watched Escape from Alcatraz (1979)

It was refreshing watching a film from that era again. Something very, I suppose you could say reserved and moody about the era's films. The only modern film I can think of it in the same vein is No Country for Old Men.

It definitely put me in the mood for some more prison escape movies, preferably from the same era. Might be time to watch Stir Crazy again.
Apollo 13, ruined by my dad pointing out every chance he got (including after I told him to stop) the director's brother.
Il Campione (2019)

A "teacher decides to save troublesome teenager" story, with the twist that the student is a football star in the Italian Serie A.

Preva: I've just watched King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

Despite the many negative reviews the movie had been getting, for me the movie was quite an entertaining and enjoyable experience.
I think it depends on your expectations. It was horribly marketed in my country as a classic fantasy tale, while it is more like Snatch with medieval flavour.
Doctor Sleep (2019)

Very very good movie. Slower in some respects than its predecessor, The Shining (1982?) but just as good.

Very long movie, It says it's 2 1/2 hours but felt more like 3. Give yourself time to enjoy it.

Also I love Ewan McGregor. Totally dig his abilities as an actor and have loved him since Trainspotting.
I've just watched The Last Thing He Wanted on Netflix... nothing special to be honest
Suspiria (2018)

If the original was a case of style over substance, this is its opposite. I'll likely need to sit down and watch it a few more times before cementing my opinion on it fully but after a first viewing I can say I don't like it better than what came before it. Oddly I don't find myself hating it entirely either, so at least there's that. I do wish that David Gordon Green's take on it had materialized into something, especially considering how Halloween turned out.
Once (2007)

An Irish movie about music (not a musical) with beautiful songs and a down-to-earth and realistic story. Now, if only the camera wasn't so shaky...
Rogue One

Great film. It felt so, so good to finally have the bad taste of episode 7 rinsed from my mouth!
Also, apart possibly from Independence Day, I can't think of another film that has such amazing planet cracker explosions.
I've just watched The Haunting of Hannah Grace.