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Première année

A French film about two first-year Medicine students who become friends while they prepare for an extremely demanding exam that will determine whether they can continue their studies or not.
I've just watched "Little women" by Greta Gerwig
I just watched "Wreck-It Ralph". I had read many glowing reviews of it so I was really looking forward to seeing it, thinking to myself "Man oh man, I haven't seen a great animated movie since Shrek 1-2 and Monsters, Inc.!". Not that I've seen that many of them anyway after those. Frozen etc., not as good. I mean, this Ralph movie has a review score of 7.7 in, which is a quite highly positive score

Truth to be told, I guess I had too high expectations due to the positive reviews. I was expecting too much,

It was ok. Just ok. Nothing ground-breaking Not on the same level of Shrek 1-2 or Monsters, Inc., not surprising me how a "kid movie" can really be this entertaining even to an adult like me. I felt the movie tried to be on the safe side with its story, and had all those modern "hey a girl can also be a kickass soldier hero and doesn't have to be a princess"-messages that nowadays has to be inserted to all movies, especially Disney movies (look at the newest Star Wars movies...).

The only really entertaining part was the short part about Ralph in the shooter game. Yeah, that was funny when he was crying to the kid playing the game "Why do games have to be this violent?".

Meh. Ok, but meh. I guess I will next watch "Ralph Breaks The Internets", more mehhhh I guess Who knows, maybe I have now so low expectations that I'll be pleasantly surprised!
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I've just watched 6 Underground.

I watched it for Ryan Reynolds but it's just a meh movie, waste of time.
I should have watched The Lighthouse instead.
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji; The Next Level.

Most reboots are terrible - not here.

Honestly, even as a gamer I expected it to be just as bad as some of Rocks/Blacks other movies, but I was surprised to find a lot of humour and good interaction/dialogue between the actors. They both are parodies with certain cliches and awkwardness but never over the top, and I found them refreshingly light and highly entertaining/amusing. Most gamers should find themselves at home here and immediately get the references they've added.

Rock has never been a good actor like some (even Black is more versatile), but I really like his charisma and warm presence, and in a parody like this he and Black did it very good. And I'm not afraid to say that Karen Gillian was both gorgeous and also amazing here too.

In the next level they've switched the roles with Danny Glover and Danny De'Vito making the adventure even funnier and deeper. The start was weak with the whole college-no-speak-romance-thingy, but that didn't matter as soon as the game really got going.

I'm going to watch these again very soon...
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sanscript: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji; The Next Level.
Haven't seen Next Level, but yes, this echoes my experience - I was very pleasantly surprised. Not as good as the original of course, but still a ton of fun. For some reason it reminds me a bit of Will Ferrel's Land of the Lost as well.
Colossus: The Forbin Project

What could happen when a computer gets too much power - a cautionary tale from half a century ago.
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Matewis: For some reason it reminds me a bit of Will Ferrel's Land of the Lost as well.
Interesting. You know, for the most part I can't stand him and I didn't find that movie enjoyable at all :)

But yes, you should see The Next Level.
Total Recall

"Get your *** to Mars".....hmmm, well I do own Red Faction Guerrilla...hmmmm
Superman: Red Son

If you ever wondered what it would look like if Superman were to annihilate Stalin... well, this has you covered. I liked it to a degree, but this is definitely a clear example of these animated films being far less than their comic counterparts. So much of what made the comics great is lost in the adaptation here and some of what is changed is seemingly changed because "eh, why not?"

I give it some credit for trying to tackle certain things from a different angle, but I question the choice to make them so seemingly arbitrary due to the current social climate. Also, it suffers quite a bit from a look of overall cheapness in animation quality, which really saddens me. It's not new territory for these films, given how cheap the 2019 release of Wonder Woman: Bloodlines looked but compared to other animated films that Warner Bros. & DC have released, the drop in quality in that department is a steep cliff.

I also watched Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Enjoyed it much more than Red Son. The animation quality being almost night and day in difference between the two.

The one issue I have with it though, is that it's just so... dark. Like, grimdark. It tries to play it up for laughs (seeing King Shark chomping off heads and limbs of people he fights against, for example) but then other times it just goes kinda overboard on the violence to an excessive degree (at one point it makes it clear that Starfire has been bisected and it shows her guts spilled on the ground, just to name one of the over-the-top segments). I don't shy away from violence, but there's a point where even I start to question if it's hitting that line of sadistic pseudo-porn, even if the aim is to convey that war is anything but sunshine and rainbows.

This film is the closing act of some of the previous films (starting around The Flashpoint Paradox) and its ending feels a bit like a cop-out but in that traditional comic book fashion. I don't hate it for that, but at the same time I feel as though it could have been set up without the "okay, we can wave a hand and this will change" trope coming into play.

For all its grimdarkness (it even manages to squeeze some "F" bombs in there to remind you that you aren't watching a Saturday morning cartoon) it does pull off the lighter moments (not the eating people parts but other sequences and dialogues) well. Or, I suppose that due to all the edgy and dark stuff, the lighter moments have greater resonance and impact. Something as simple as Etrigan mocking John Constantine when Robin threatens to chop off his hands if he tries to steal anything ("I REALLY like him!) is just genuinely funny and a nice breather between all the horror the movie wants to throw at the viewer otherwise.
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TheMonkofDestiny: It's not new territory for these films, given how cheap the 2019 release of Wonder Woman: Bloodlines looked but compared to other animated films that Warner Bros. & DC have released, the drop in quality in that department is a steep cliff..
The overall decline of DC animation, both in technical/visual and writing departments, is really sad. Don't get me wrong, there's still been some stuff I really liked in the last few years (despite the ill-fitting visual style I like Gotham by Gaslight movie more than the comic for example), but I feel like 2015's Justice League Gods and Monsters was the last time they made anything really great, and even then that movie felt like an exception.

The times of the old DCAU are long gone by now. They need to do something stylish, bold and creative again. Adapt something more obscure and surreal, like Mignola's Batman: Sanctum or create something entirely new like they did with Gods and Monsters. Something distinct. It's been almost 30 years and B:TAS is still being talked about, fresh in everyone's mind. These new movies? They won't be remembered next year.
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Breja: The times of the old DCAU are long gone by now.
They did go back to it with Justice League vs. The Fatal Five, but while the animation was there, the story was lacking.

Not all of them have looked as blatantly cheap as Wonder Woman: Bloodlines and Superman: Red Son though. As a whole, the bad doesn't outnumber the good (or, rather, decent) DCU animated movies but I'd agree that the DCAU/Timm & Dini stuff was of a higher standard overall.
I've just watched The Plague Dogs

Now I'm gonna watch Watership Down

Fun times!
After seeing the new Call of the Wild with Harrison Ford, I watched Charlie the Lonesome Cougar, a Disney movie from the 70s. It was a similar story but more tame and for kids, with narration. Very enjoyable both.
I've just watched This