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Freedom of choice. Optional client. Cross-play. Coming soon to all gamers!

Earlier today (or was it yesterday for you?), during the [url=]CD Projekt RED and’s Summer Conference we dropped the news about our next big step forward! has always been home to more and more of the the best games in history (for Windows and Mac), both classic and new. Differing in shapes, flavors, and sizes they had one thing in common: they were mostly single-player, and our focus was mainly on the experience of a singular gamer. If that's your thing, nothing really will change. You can always enjoy your favorite games 100% DRM-free on, with no need to activate your game online or remain connected to play your single-player title. Just like has always been about.. But what if you want to play with your friends?

Today we are excited to announce GOG Galaxy, a truly gamer-friendly, 100% DRM-free online gaming platform that will finally provide the community with the easy option to play together online. GOG Galaxy will allow you to share your achievements, stay in touch with your pals and get the updates for your games automatically. We've developed this technology to improve your experience. We think GOG Galaxy really deserves your attention and we hope many of you will give it a try! But, here's the great thing: it is totally optional, so it's all up to you! If you do not want to play online, or use our optional client to access these features, then no worries, you will always be able to play the single-player mode 100% DRM-free, and download manually the latest updated version of your favorite title from our website. Now, for one more feature we call cross-play. We always believed in an open world for gamers, with no obligation to be tied to a specific platform or client; and this is why GOG Galaxy will allow gamers to play with their buddies who use Steam, without any need to use any 3rd party client or account, nothing, nada. We’re taking care of connecting and Steam players, so just sit back, relax and give it a try.

See the outtake from the CD Projekt RED & Summer Conference

Talking of which, we are proud to announce the soon-to-come launch of the beta phase for The Witcher Adventure Game, a faithful adaptation of the board game of the same title. It allows up to 4 players to play together, whether they use Steam or Cross-play at its finest! If you wanna get the chance to try it out, please visit and sign up to get in the queue for your beta access key. You can also simply take advantage of our amazing [url=]pre-order offer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which includes 2 beta access keys for he Witcher Aventure Game, delivered to you as soon as we start handing them out to public.

We believe GOG Galaxy has the power to provide the best of both worlds. Playing the single player mode of your favorite game, 100% DRM-free, while still having the OPTION to use our soon-to-come client for an enhanced experience (auto-patching, achievements, and much more) or play online with other (and Steam) players if you so wish.

There will be more GOG Galaxy titles coming up this year, so stay tuned for more news and get the word around!
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AlBQuirky: I just happened to notice, as I was accessing my new games (from GOG's wonderful sale) and NONE of my previous games (137) are "installed?" What is up with that? I can assure you that they are, indeed, installed. Why doesn't Galaxy recognize/locate them?
All of the GOG Game installers have been updated with metadata files for GOG Galaxy. This metadata gets installed in the game's directory when the game is installed either manually with the installer or with Galaxy. Galaxy uses these metadata files to detect a game installation in order to automatically be able to add a game to the Galaxy client interface as being installed. Games that were installed with an older installer that predates Galaxy awareness being added to all games by default will not be detected because they do not contain the metadata file that is needed in order for Galaxy to automatically handle the game.

In order to add such games to Galaxy, one can either import a directory in Galaxy by hand manually, or manually download and install an updated version of the game installer that includes Galaxy metadata support, or create the metadata file by hand (instructions have been posted in the forums somewhere). In some cases a game may still not get detected right although I haven't seen that occur for over a month now so they may have resolved outstanding issues in that regard.

Keep in mind too that this is a beta so there are bugs in the software and if something happens that is unexpected or seems broken, it very well might be broken. can be used for reviewing and/or filing bug reports.

Hi, not sure if this is the correct place to post this.

I have been playing Neverwinter Nights and recently my cloud saves have been going over my limit (200mb). I like being able to keep saves so I'd prefer to fix this instead of just not using cloud saves.

My problem is that I'm not certain what is being saved on the cloud and what isn't, which makes it hard to know what to get rid of.

Is there a way to see specifically what I'm saving to the cloud?

EDIT: Jfc, I need to check the dates before I post...
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