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As of today, you can become one of the first gamers to play Sci-Fi role-playing title from Maverick Games. Stellar Tactics is now available as the game in development on GOG.COM. It features turn-based ground combat, space exploration, complex character customization and a vast living universe with over 160,000 star systems.

Buy Stellar Tactics on GOG.COM until 19th February 2020, 2 PM UTC, and get a 25% discount!

Note: This game is currently in development. See the <span class="bold">FAQ</span> to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.
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Hi all - and thank you for your interest in Stellar Tactics. A few answers to questions posted here:

IronArcturus - Every time you start a new game the universe is generated from a random seed you input in a field. Every location in the game is handcrafted, enemies are manually placed in "sets". Story locations are all handcrafted and not used in the games procedural mission generator. The faction mission generator creates objectives, selects enemy sets, enemy types, and locations that you explore. You can choose the length of these missions from around 45 minutes all the way up to 6 hours or so in length. This game has a beginning and no end - missions are generated forever and you choose when/where to take them. Faction missions award loot, experience, faction and tokens that can be used to purchase faction armor from faction vendors.

The game is not linear other than the prologue up to the point where you can purchase your FTL drive. So, it is not a game that leads you by the nose through content. You set your own goals, explore at your own pace and develop your main character, crew, and ships any way you want. For now, until more story goes into the game, you are set free in an open universe with no goals other than the ones you make for yourself.

darktjm - Space combat is real-time with pause. When you pause space combat, you can scan ships to view their equipment/stats, adjust your shields, power levels, turret targets etc. It plays out and you make adjustments as needed by pausing the game (or in real-time if you want). Space combat is not twitchy or reflex-based.
A Linux version is planned. I have heard that you can run the game in Wine flawlessly right now.

IronArcturus - "Are the star systems randomized?" - Yes, as a solo developer there is no way for me to handcraft 160,000 star systems ;)

Anothername - I will be adding a permadeath mode option for players before the final release - fully optional. As it is, there are quicksaves, autosaves between area transitions and full save-game support anytime, anywhere other than in the middle of combat. There has never been a save-game wipe and there never will be. The save system is fully stable and designed for all future content.

smuggly: Is there a roadmap? I see it's been in EA since 2016. Thanks
Is it true there are no saves/saving in game?
See above regarding saves.

There is a roadmap and "What's next" pinned to the top of the Steam forums. I also post what I'm working on in the game itself (as of the last patch) in the lower right corner of the games main menu so you can always see what I'm working on.
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:somewhat politely punches dirt with cane: What's the car's colour, if I may? (We don't ask much...)
StellarTactics: .
Flesh420.613: .
Yeay, wishlisted :)

Thanks to you both!
i_ni: :somewhat politely punches dirt with cane: What's the car's colour, if I may? (We don't ask much...)
Hehehe ;) It's bright red. I'd post a picture but then you'd all think (know) I'm a huge jackass ;)

And bought - curious if I should fire it up and check it out or wait patiently... Anyone desperate for early impressions might convince me to give it a go.
IronArcturus: Are the star systems randomized?
dev answered in the orange text :)
Holycow. Been a longtime since i had strong interest in a game. Looks great. Feature set, videos etc. Wow. I must purchase... :).
PS --- 6 hour long missions can be generated????!??!?!?!??!! wtf.....
It's not very often i buy indev titles, but this is just too much to my liking.
Let's Play Stellar Tactics
StellarTactics: snip
Is it possible to increase the size of the GUI and the fonts ?
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Bought and played for a bit. Really interesting game and looks like it will be really really good when fully released. this i think will be my go to game for a bit and my last game i will be buying as i am trying to buy a new house but what a game to buy at this time.
StellarTactics: As it is, there are quicksaves, autosaves between area transitions and full save-game support anytime, anywhere other than in the middle of combat.
Do you plan to add saving in combat? About how long would you say the average combat takes?

Edit: Got a dev reply here:
Combat is generally anywhere from 3-8 minutes depending on the player - can be longer if you really want to think about what you are doing. Using the combat queue speeds things up a good bit.

Saving all the combat state data would bloat the saves considerably. I can't really remember the last time someone mentioned that not saving during combat was a problem. I'd say give it a try and refund if you don't like it.
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Awesome that this is coming to GOG! We need more turn based combat.
StellarTactics: A Linux version is planned. I have heard that you can run the game in Wine flawlessly right now.
Good that a native Linux version is planned. Of course that's no guarantee.

As to wine: it doesn't work for me. It just exits immediately, doing nothing, leaving no logs, not crashing, not giving any indication of why it just exits. Oh well. I'll try a few more things, but I'm not going to waste massive amounts of effort trying to get this working, since I do have other games to play. [edit: I give up. The only information I can add is that it exits with exit code 1. I am not going to try to run this in a debugger to see what test it failed. Devs: please at least print an error message instead of just exiting.]
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I already love this game! I am so happy that it came to GOG.
Incredible job on this game! Absolutly love it! Getting my friends and family involved as well. Great job! Looking forward to the updates you do! I post some ideas inth near future see if its something you could offer.

Thanks a milion my firend.
Looks like my kinda game. Thanks for bringing it to GOG. I’ll wait until it’s finished though.
Just bought it yesterday and really liking it, thank you! Also glad it´s on here at GOG, keep up the great work!
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