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Grow dynasties of medieval families and see them evolve and interact as you build their homes, in this lighthearted pixel art city-building strategy simulation. Lords and Villeins is now available as the game in development on GOG.COM, enjoying a 15% discount until 7th October 2021, 5 PM UTC.

Note: This game is currently in development. See the <span class="bold">FAQ</span> to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.

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i like the look of this. may grab latre
Nice!. Had it on my wish list for a while. Will be keeping an eye on it till it leaves dev status, to see how things are when it reaches that stage.
Wishlisted.Looks interesting based on video although i do wonder if there some sort of endgame etc..
Is the typo intentional? I mean okay maybe it's to avoid some copyright thing or it's just there to rile up grammar nazi?

Because I'm no grammar nazi but but I feel itchy all over reading that title......
It's not a typo. Look it up in the dictionary.
eric5h5: It's not a typo. Look it up in the dictionary.
That's a word? Interesting, today I learned.
Yay! I love learning new things, too!