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Relax, you’ve won! The Dark Wizard has been defeated and today you face a challenge of a different kind. Littlewood is now available as a title in development on GOG.COM with a 10% discount until 14th April, 1 PM UTC. This peaceful indie RPG will give you the chance to rebuild your town, learn new hobbies, and forge lifelong friendships - all at a simple, relaxing pace.

Note: This game is currently in development. See the <span class="bold">FAQ</span> to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.
low rated
Seems like good game for our moms, sisters etc (esp. if don't have specific taste/didn't play earlier at all).

But for me personally - nope, not interested :P

EDIT: I was stating that this game is a good material for our family members who are not into video games, what of it deserves for low rep? Is it bad to inspire our moms and sisters to go into video games?
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Is this a sequel to Dink Smallwood?
Sounds really nice ! I may be wrong, but with the trailer, it makes me think of a kind of mix of Stardew Valley & Animal Crossing in a Zelda world.
I'll keep an eye on it, and am wishlisting it for now :)
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Glad to see this make its way here, it's gotten really good reviews so far!
Welcome to GOG's DRM-free family.
MischiefMaker: Is this a sequel to Dink Smallwood?
There was actually a retail company called Littlewoods (in fact still exists for mail order), so in a logical world it would be a tie-in to that.
Nice. Look like my kind of game.
very cool, glad this is here. will pick this up before the end of day.
Would have insta-bought it, if not for the in-dev status, as I don't buy unfinished games; wishlisted for now... I cannot wait 'til it's finally released!
The still screens look nice, but in motion it's got that horrible rippling effect caused by "fake" low res graphics where the internal resolution is actually much higher and the low resolution assets are being nearest-neighbour scaled by a non-integer number.

It kind of gives me a headache to watch. It's a pity, because from the screenshots alone I quite liked the art style. I see the game is "in dev" so hopefully they'll fix it before release. As it is I would find it unplayable.

Another offender is Forager.
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MischiefMaker: Is this a sequel to Dink Smallwood?
Don't remind me :/

Back to this game, seems like somebody tried to make a game out of "and they lived happily ever after"?
Looks nice , i want to play it now !
<removed joke in bad taste>
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Littlewood certainly lives up to its name...