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Great news for avid gamers! Gamemusic Records releases a double vinyl album with the music of Heroes of Might & Magic III, the cult classic strategy title.

For the very first time in over 20 years, this fan-favorite soundtrack will be available as a much-anticipated collector’s edition LP, freshly remastered for the occasion. Gamemusic Records teamed up with Paul Anthony Romero and Rob King, the original creators of this soundtrack, to bring it back to life in a way that does justice to its legacy.

This exclusive release includes a double 12-inch vinyl disc (180-gram LP) packed in a gatefold jacket with antistatic sleeves. Each side of the cover presents stunning artwork by Magdalena Katanska printed in high quality with several embellished elements. Preorders are available via the Gamemusic Records online store. This first pressing is limited to 1000 copies total. In the Spring of 2022, the label plans to start shipping vinyls worldwide.

Gamemusic Records previously released the Heroes Piano Sonatas, a live album with arrangements of music from the Heroes of Might & Magic series. The label also has two editions of the critically acclaimed Frostpunk Original Soundtrack vinyl in its portfolio, as well as the atmospheric Kholat OST. GOG.COM is the official media patron of this latest release, offering fans the opportunity to play the classic game.
eric5h5: The problem with 4 was that the AI was completely broken, since the developers were going out of business and the release was rushed out with no time to spend on the AI. As a result the campaign consisted almost entirely of building up forces to take on giant mobs. I did finish it and didn't hate it, mostly because the mechanics were interesting, but after the campaign I played about 15 minutes of one scenario and then quit forever. No point when the AI doesn't work. It's probably a good Heroes game in multiplayer, but for single-player, it's by far the worst (up through 5 anyway, haven't played the ones after).
MadalinStroe: The AI isn't broken, it's exactly the same AI from H3. The problem is that in H4 they added wondering monsters(if you come too close to a mine/treasure the monsters guarding it will also move 1-2 squares away from the mine/treasure and attack the hero). The player will easily adapt and avoid this situation, but the AI simply doesn't know about this new mechanic, so it always loses its heroes.

By the way H5 has almost no AI, it's all simulated by having events where the AI simply gets creatures added to its heroes each week. Ubisoft couldn't even be bothered to import the H3 AI.
I believe you are correct regarding Heroes IV. They seemed not to have the time to test the AI properly, but of course there are many more changes to the rules/mechanics in H4 that the AI hasn't been adapted to.

Regarding Heroes V there is a mod that replaces the vanilla AI with a proper non-cheating AI:
MadalinStroe: By the way H5 has almost no AI, it's all simulated by having events where the AI simply gets creatures added to its heroes each week. Ubisoft couldn't even be bothered to import the H3 AI.
Not really. There is a spell with which you can summon units from the nearest town, which the AI regularly makes use of. The cheat lays in the fact that it costs their hero little to no mana (on the hardest difficulty in the campaigns at least).

And it does not happen only at week start. I've had it happen multiple times where a hero I was about to attack barely moved on their turn but suddenly got stronger (using the spell costs 75% of your move points). They don't spawn extra units out of thin air, but just don't really have to bother about picking them up.
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I would prefer high-quality soundtracks as digital-downloads. 24 - 32 bit and 96 - 192 kHz audio in lossless format has almost identical quality to LP.

There is no need in dedicated vinyl player. Entry-level discrete sound card and good mid-priced headphones are enough to enjoy such music.

Of course, LPs can still be released for collectors, if publishers are willing to produce.)