Heroes of Might & Magic III OST
Gamemusic Records announced a double vinyl collector's edition of Heroes of Might & Magic III OST. The music label teamed up with Paul Anthony Romero and Rob King, the original composers, to bring back the original music in the remastered version. GOG is a partner of this release.
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This exclusive release includes a double 12-inch vinyl disc (180-gram LP) packed in a gatefold jacket with antistatic sleeves. Each side of the cover presents stunning artwork by Magdalena Katanska printed in high quality with several embellished elements. These are original paintings created as an homage do the HoM&M legacy, having dozens of references to the game itself. Discs are available in four vibrant colors which relate to the basic flags assigned to player factions in the game, plus the classic black. They also correspond to some of the most iconic towns of Heroes III: Necropolis, Inferno, Rampart, Castle. The OST is now available for pre-order.