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why the hell i got downvoted? cant ask questions or what?
some people are way too unmatured
Orkhepaj: hmm is this the case?:O
RoboPond: Basically GOG caved due to a select number of Chinese players not wanting the game here due due to a controversial reference to Xi Jinping. (It got banned from Steam for the same reason.)

(Its fair to assume most if not all of these players are not even GOG members or had zero interest in even playing the game or buying the game, and GOG listen to them rather than its actually users about GOG and none related GOG things on their forums.)

GOG tried to hide that the above was the reason by saying "After receiving many messages from gamers, we have decided not to list the game in our store." in their tweet.
thank you for your answer and not just downvote like the others
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This is pathetic. Just when you think CDP's PR can't possibly get any worse than it already is they put a stunt like that. "Gamers". Yeah, I'm sure it was "gamers". Hey GOG, if you really wanted to avoid any sort of controversy the announcement of the release shouldn't have been made in the first place. Now you have to live with the consequences of your so called "neutrality".
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Yeah, I'm disappointed, but not really surprised seeing how they treated some of their own employees in the past.

Personally, caving into Epic/10c/CCPs tentacles from a totalitarian country is even worse than DRM. GOGs action here just proved to me once and for all where they really stand.

EDIT: That went fast. Link and title is not the same here.
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Good to know what GOG stands for now. Ignoring atrocities of all sorts, including murder, organ harvesting and human rights violations for the ability to sell fucking cyberpunk, and blocking the release of a video game that made a Winnie the Pooh joke even though the devs already removed it from the game. Fuck CD Projekt. Let's see if they can stand the heat Blizzard recieved. Don't let this die down. Share it with every one you know. CD Projekt is complicit in human rights violations and it willing to do the CCP's bidding by censoring content globally to appease one murderous lying p.o.s.
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I'm not angry, just disappointed.
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tfishell: And bring Hatred too.
Was just about to comment on that game, which isn't too far off from Postal.

CDPR/GOG are making a lot of bad moves lately; Too many companies seem to be 'bending the knee' to the twitter mob and other sources that don't even buy their games (or watch their shows/movies) or buy their toys.

Honestly? Bring hentai or other games here, people don't have to buy them and it's each person's choice, add a NSFW button that will keep it Nintendo/kid friendly marking games accordingly if they want.

sanscript: Personally, caving into Epic/10c/CCPs tentacles from a totalitarian country is even worse than DRM.
Did you see what they were adding to games on steam in China? A LARGE CCP label telling the person to play responsibly and take breaks, as well as adding in mandatory breaks where you can't play say at midnight and can only play during 'proper' hours, and only so many of them.

This is as bad as DRM, a company deciding what content is acceptable for everyone. I say no.

FallenHeroX1: including murder, organ harvesting and human rights violations
And if your social credit score is low, you can't get a job or use public transportation, among other things. Likely they don't have hardly any physical currency anymore so get your bank account frozen too.
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I am both angry and disappointed with both CDPR and GOG. They have made me not spend a single cent on the store now. Might as well do what Epic does and give away games for free. It works for them, and they have a shitty client, like Galaxy 2.0.
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First the "no Galaxy - no preload" policy and DRM-locked content in Cyberpunk made me reconsider buying that game.

Still, I was looking forward to the December sale for other games.

However, it seems like any purchase from GOG now would effectively be an endorsement of censorship, so I won't be buying anything else either.

Looks like GOG is moving from one disastrous decision to another. Is there really not a single person in charge with any better judgement? I'm not even talking about the ethical side of all this but at this rate your self-inflicted damage to your reputation and reversal of everything you used to stand for is going to impact your business pretty soon.
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First the whole debacle with Cyberpunk 2077, now this. I can't describe how disappointed I am. I honestly thought you were better. Serves me right for daring to hope I suppose.
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Although, truth to be told, I'm also feeling a bit insulted by the fact that someone though the "gamers" tweet was a good idea. It's probably one of the most transparent "excuses" for this kind of things I've ever seen.
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I'm an adult, I don't need you to dictate how I enjoy my hobbies.

Now do your job and distribute the game.
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Since the other thread was locked-down, gog seems to be going with some sort of a "theme" here, I'll post my support here.

I didn't know communists still ran Poland, release the game.
Sotiris The Firebrand: They have made me not spend a single cent on the store now.
Turbo-Beaver: However, it seems like any purchase from GOG now would effectively be an endorsement of censorship, so I won't be buying anything else either.
Ditto. I haven't bought anything for 3 years here, mostly to keep my finances in order but more recently from censorship on the forums. Now it seems in the games as well.

Something like 1-2 years ago I asked for a refund on all the games i owned due to my annoyances with GoG (With exception to free games, redeemed codes, or games with expansions (redeemed) that are required to make them work), naturally they said no.
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This is absolutely stupid. There's no reason to refuse to sell Devotion on GOG. Politics is NOT what the company should be putting their heads in. Putting games and buyers of them to find and keep them updated to run over the years so they are never lost to time.. or in this case, censorship.

There's games I don't like or agree with but I have no intentions of crying about them existing. Why would this be any different? It's likely people could mod out the things in the game that would be an issue if someone were playing it in China and still have it safe and sound intact without worrying what they have to have over there.
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Adding my support to this thread. GoG should let the public decide if they want to buy it - not kow-tow to the Chinese Communist Party.