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pc617: It would be nice if we got at least *some* response from CDPR. I have been willing to support them, paying a bit more for games that I could buy cheaper on Steam because the company seemed like it was a little more responsible and cared a bit more about gamers. After the Cyberpunk and Devotion debacles, and particularly after the deafening silence that followed, it seems clear that CDPR is just another souless corp after a quick buck. It's their right to do this, as it's their right to hide from their customers and refuse to explain, but its *my* right to take my money elsewhere. If CDPR is no better than Valve, or Google, or MicroSoft, why would I pay a premimum for games on GoG? I've got more than 400 games on Good Old Games, but maybe its time to take a look elsewhere.
You're not alone:
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kdgog: My email to GOG just now:
Well said....I hope you posted that on social media(like gog's own pages there, for example) and elsewhere online as well. :)
Threads like these should never die.