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The recently introduced Nilfgaard faction received the most tweaks.

A new update for <span class="bold">GWENT: The Witcher Card Game</span> is now available on PC and Xbox One!

The main focus of this update is to improve balance, solve some of the major issues that were affecting gameplay, and improve how Nilfgaard works – especially strategies focusing on revealing cards. A lot of Nilfgaard gold cards have also received strength improvements (details below).

Another big change is for the Clan Tuirseach Axeman card – its ability now only works with units damaged on the opponent's side.

The full list of changes, sorted by faction, is available <span class="bold">here</span>.
ErwinRommelish: My game refuses to update, every time I try to run the patch it says "update postponed, game is running."

This game is not running, I have no idea how to fix it.
Well if you can't see it, that does not mean it is not running. Have you checked in the task manager? Also, after the last big update (not the hotfix following it), it is better to make clean install (meaning unisnstalling the game first)...
Skellige still feels insanely OP, maybe I'm just bad but I don't have as much issue with any other faction (playing Sco). The chain resurect in the 3rd round, as well as the constant 2 cards advantage makes me cry everythime :salt: :salt: :salt:
add me in game mathausluk
keeepdeep: 你妈,为什么国服还没有完成
keeepdeep: 你妈,为什么国服还没有完成
cm1031: 下周
有华人 可以
One small thing: tutorial says that 'Commander's Horn' double the strength, when it actually adds +4 to strength.
Also tutorial states:
"For example, the Vran Warrior can only be played on the Melee Row"
and right after states that:
"The Vran Warrior card can only be placed on the Ranged Row"

Another thing, if card is already drawn and it have some damage ability it's impossible to check damage value once again before applying it to the opponent's card (in case you forgot or got distracted or just want to make sure).

Also it will be useful if active effects (I guess it not always will be just 3 weather effects and it will be more of them?) indicators can be available somewhere as small indication icons, so you can just hover over icon and see what this effect do (or just hover over free space on board with this effect(s) applied to reveal description(s)). I'm not sure if same weather effects can stack (it could be more interesting if they could stack, like in Etherlords), in this case indicators pretty useful to check quantity of effects applied, so you know how many of them you need to add or dispel.
From the other side, if it will be always just 3 of them and they not stack, it's not hard to remember.
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Please fix scoia' everyone is just playing them and they are so over powered with there multicasting cards its ridicilous. People cast 1 card and then like 5 come out shooting over 30 points if not more.