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Heading for the finish line – 80% off.

Haven't gotten behind the wheel of this legendary racer just yet? Be speedy – because Race Driver: GRID will be leaving our catalog on December 31, 2016.

Considered one of the most timeless, refined moderns racers – we're sad to see it go, but you can still grab the game now at 80% off, all the way up until December 31, 10:59 PM UTC.

Vrrrrooom, vrrrrooom.

A brief trip down memory lane, this is how GRID was first introduced to
Rrrrrrrnnnn! EEEEEEERRrrrrnNNNNNN!

Vrrrrooom! If you like fast cars, tight turns, and pulse-pounding races, then today's release is sure to please: Race Driver: GRID--known in the US simply as GRiD--screeches over the finish line!

In GRID, you're a driver with dreams of going big: you start out driving in others' cars for money, but soon enough you'll start your own team, picking the races you want to compete in, buying the cars and equipment that you need to get the advantage over the other drivers, and traveling the world to compete. With 43 cars and 3 different regions to compete in--the US, Europe, and Japan--there's plenty to captivate adrenaline junkies. But that's not all: GRID also features an innovative "flashback" system, whereby you can rewind time a few crucial seconds to fix any sloppy driving or mistakes, avoid crashes, and generally gain the needed edge to win. With open wheel racing, demolition derbies, GT racing, there's plenty of variety in gameplay.

Real road courses such as Le Mans are in the game, as well as street circuits such as such as the Detroit and Washington D.C.. There are also a number of fictional tracks, such as street courses in San Francisco,and Milan, and Mount Haruna.

Is that enough to get your pulse pounding? Check out Race Driver: GRID
Socratatus: Damn! Glad I got (and downloaded) the game before this happened! Always loved Grid, but love it even more when not stuck on Steam.

GOG is really useful, but you have to keep your eyes open and grab them as soon as they come out, especially if a very good game, or before you know it, it`ll be gone again. The notice time is ridiculous; the Buyer will never know unless he`s lucky enough to look.

I also hate how all the Reviews vanish- I was looking for my review and was wondering where it was, which led me here.
Games that are removed from sale should still be in your library if you purchased them beforehand, so downloading ahead of time is mostly just a good precaution, not strictly necessary.

Also, while it's true that GOG takes down the product pages for removed games, there's still at least one way to see them after the fact.... ;)
(Your review's on the bottom of the third "page" of the reviews section.)
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I wonder why GOG hasn't worked out something with Codemasters on this? zoom-platform seems to still carry it.