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Hello fellow traders. It's been awhile since I've bumped but I'm here to see if anyone would like to trade for Outcast 1.1 that's currently on sale for $1.49 on Gog. PM with offers. Thanks.

Outcast 1.1 Store page

BenKii's Trade Post
Hello trading community. Haven't bumped my trade post in a while since there's been nothing I've wanted on sale.... until now. DOOM (2016) is on sale for $6.59 at wingamestore and I'd like to see if anyone here would like to trade me that for stuff from my trading post.

DOOM wingamestore link

Benkii's Trade Post

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my request and happy trading. :)

edit: completed trade with wanderer_27
Post edited August 23, 2018 by BenKii