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A small bump before F.E.A.R. Platinum's discount ends tomorrow.
Interested from current bundles:

From the current Humble Square Enix Bundle (I'm perfectly OK with trading multiples for these):
Murdered: Soul Suspect

From Bundlestar's Insert Coin Bundle:
Super Lemonade Factory

From Indiegala's Heart Attack Bundle
Bionic Hearts 1 & 2

As always, my haves (and other wants) are here
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Thanks for the great trade (as always), gbaz69.

Updated my post:

I gave most of my games away on our podcast. I will update again if i get more games.
Time for an update on my list.

Still looking for Nordic titles? They're starting to go. My stockpile is getting smaller as I trade them one at a time. If you're looking for the Gothic series, or the Spellforce series, or any of the other games... I'm down to my last few in some cases. I'm out of a couple of titles.

Tons of codes from Steam and Desura as well. I'd trade dozens of them for any one GOG game I don't own.

I'm just looking for GOG games. I'd love the new Ys games, but I'm pretty realistic about the likelihood of that! Really just looking for any GOG games I don't already own.
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koima57: Thank you, @siulebuo for our trading. :)
You never thank ME, but I thank YOU for your 3 trades + gifts >_>
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Current Humble Weekly Bundle - Below the Average (Shadow Puppeteer, ibb&obb, Hero Siege)

IndieGala Friday Special #10 Bundle (you can choose any games from it you want)
Klumpen0815: Thanks for the great trade (as always), gbaz69.
welcome and thank you
edit: offer expired
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Thank you to tokisto for a very smooth and easy trade!
Updated my list for newest YS series release.
Looking for Ground Control Anthology from current promo.

Trade list.
Want from current bundles:
Pixel Boy

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EDIT: Never mind. I'll just give away everything.
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thanks for the trade yogsloth